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Entrepreneurship: The Part Time Entrepreneur Complete Course

Introduction + Why Now Is The Time :
Introduction & Getting The Most Out Of The Course
Why Now Is The Time To Become A Part Time Entrepreneur
Why Do This At All?
Why You Will Win
Big Benefits Of Failing Small
Difference Between PT Entrepreneur and PT Job
What About Your Full-Time Job
Important To Keep It Simple For Part Time Entrepreneurship
Quiz: Intro
2 questions

Deciding What To Do :
The Myth Of Passion
What Do You Like To Do?
What Do You Like Learning About And Sharing?
Your Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities (KSA)
Focus On Your Strengths
Pull It All Together And Identify Possible Options
Ask Yourself - Would I Like Doing This In My Free Time
Do You Need A Business Plan?
Quiz: Deciding What To Do
2 questions

Getting Serious. Is There A Market? :
Customers: What Problem Are You Solving
What Is Your Unique Value Proposition
Understanding Your Target Market
Develop A Customer Persona
Your Marketplace
Now Niche It Down
Distribution & Market Link: Why Look At Early
Quiz: Getting Serious. Is There A Market?
2 questions

Strategic Planning :
Why A Plan Is Important
The 1-Page Business Plan To Avoid Procrastination
Using The Powerful SWOT Technique
Leveraging The Porters 5 Forces Model
Competition (Deeper Dive)
Identify Your KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
Quiz: Strategic Planning
2 questions

Funding The Business :
Personal Savings
Angel Investors and Venture Capital
Bank & Government Loans
Quiz: Funding The Business
2 questions

Managing Expenses: Start Up And On-going Expenses :
Keep Costs Low: Part-Time Remember
Cost Of Goods
Employees (Best If You Are The Only Employee)
Technology Costs
Other Start-up Costs You May/May Not Need
Positive Cash Flow And Charles Dickens
Quiz: Managing Expenses: Start Up And On-going Expenses
2 questions

Going To Market :
How Do People Find Out About You And Get Your Offering
Classic 4P Marketing Mix
Product (Service)
Price (Power Of Free)
Digital Promotion
Traditional Promotion
Promotion: The Bare Minimum
Place (Distribution)
The 5th P: Positioning (Branding)
Power Of Repeat Customers
Quiz: Going To Market
2 questions

Fulfillment And Customer Service :
Fulfillment Keys
The Purchasing Transaction
Customer Service
Handling Returns
Quiz: Fulfillment And Customer Service
2 questions

Time Management & The Part Time Entrepreneur :
Time-Management Keys
80/20 Everything
The Urgency Vs. Importance Matrix
Delegation Will Change Your Life
Outsourcing And Time Management
Think Excellence Not Perfection
Complete Your MIT Daily (Most Important Task)
Quiz: Time Management & The Part Time Entrepreneur
2 questions

Next Steps Plus When To Become A Full-Time Entrepreneur :
How Know If Ready To Go Full-Time?
Top 6 Action Steps + Bonus Step