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English Grammar Launch Advanced: Upgrade your speaking

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Do so :
Do so - Meaning and examples (Learn)
Do so - Structure (Learn)
Do so - Things to note (Learn)
Do so - Speaking practice (Master)
Do so - Listening practice (Master)

'Except for' and 'besides' :
'Except for' and 'besides' - Meaning and examples (Learn)
'Except for' and 'besides' - Structure (Learn)
'Except for' and 'besides' - Things to note (Learn)
'Except for' and 'besides' - Speaking practice (Master)
'Except for' and 'besides' - Listening practice (Master)

Future perfect :
Future perfect - Meaning and examples (Learn)
Future perfect - Structure (Learn)
Future perfect - Things to note (Learn)
Future perfect - Speaking practice (Master)
Future perfect - Listening practice (Master)

Needn't :
Needn't - Meaning and examples (Learn)
Needn't - Structure (Learn)
Needn't - Things to note (Learn)
Needn't - Speaking practice (Master)
Needn't - Listening practice (Master)

Passives :
Passives - Meaning and examples (Learn)
Passives - Structure (Learn)
Passives - Things to note (Learn)
Passives - Speaking practice (Master)
Passives - Listening practice (Master)

Past perfect :
Past perfect - Meaning and examples (Learn)
Past perfect - Structure (Learn)
Past perfect - Things to note (Learn)
Past perfect - Speaking practice (Master)
Past perfect - Listening practice (Master)

Relative clauses with 'whose' :
Relative clauses with 'whose' - Meaning and examples (Learn)
Relative clauses with 'whose' - Structure (Learn)
Relative clauses with 'whose' - Things to note (Learn)
Relative clauses with 'whose' - Speaking practice (Master)
Relative clauses with 'whose' - Listening practice (Master)

'Since' and 'seeing that' :
'Since' and 'seeing that' - Meaning and examples (Learn)
'Since' and 'seeing that' - Structure (Learn)
'Since' and 'seeing that' - Things to note (Learn)
'Since' and 'seeing that' - Speaking practice (Master)
'Since' and 'seeing that' - Listening practice (Master)

'So as to' and 'in order to' :
'So as to' and 'in order to' - Meaning and examples (Learn)
'So as to' and 'in order to' - Structure (Learn)
'So as to' and 'in order to' - Things to note (Learn)
'So as to' and 'in order to' - Speaking practice (Master)
'So as to' and 'in order to' - Listening practice (Master)

Such :
Such - Meaning and examples (Learn)
Such - Structure (Learn)
Such - Things to note (Learn)
Such - Speaking practice (Master)
Such - Listening practice (Master)

Three-word phrasal verbs :
Three-word phrasal verbs - Meaning and examples (Learn)
Three-word phrasal verbs - Structure (Learn)
Three-word phrasal verbs - Things to note (Learn)
Three-word phrasal verbs - Speaking practice (Master)
Three-word phrasal verbs - Listening practice (Master)

Unless :
Unless - Meaning and examples (Learn)
Unless - Structure (Learn)
Unless - Things to note (Learn)
Unless - Speaking practice (Master)
Unless - Listening practice (Master)

Whether :
Whether - Meaning and examples (Learn)
Whether - Structure (Learn)
Whether - Things to note (Learn)
Whether - Speaking practice (Master)
Whether - Listening practice (Master)

'Would' to talk about the past :
'Would' to talk about the past - Meaning and examples (Learn)
'Would' to talk about the past - Structure (Learn)
'Would' to talk about the past - Things to note (Learn)
'Would' to talk about the past - Speaking practice (Master)
'Would' to talk about the past - Listening practice (Master)

'Hardly' and 'no sooner' :
'Hardly' and 'no sooner' - Meaning and examples (Learn)
'Hardly' and 'no sooner' - Structure (Learn)
'Hardly' and 'no sooner' - Things to note (Learn)
'Hardly' and 'no sooner' - Speaking practice (Master)
'Hardly' and 'no sooner' - Listening practice (Master)

Bonus Lecture :
Bonus Lecture