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Email Marketing: How To Master MailChimp In 3 Hours

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started With Email Marketing :
Please read before you start
Open A Free Mailchimp Account
Confirm Mailchimp Account
Log In To Account
Your Assignment
Email Marketing Overview Part 1
Email Marketing Overview Part 2
Email Marketing Overview Part 3
Email Marketing Overview Part 4
What is the goal?
What content do I include?
What types of email should I send?

How Marketing Automation Works :
Automation Introduction
Automation Edit Schedule Days To Send Email
Automation triggers
Edit schedule part 2

Design Email Template :
Email 1 Design Template Part 1
Email 1 Design Template Part 2
Email 1 Design Template Part 3
Email 2 Design Template
Email 3 Design Template
Email 4 Design Template
Create a Template with the Template Builder
1 question

Test And Send 4 Automated Emails :
Campaign Creation: Test
Campaign Creation: Send 4 Automated Emails

Create An Email List :
Create A List
Creat List
1 question
List Activity Automations
1 question

Create An Email Sign Up Form :
Create Sign Up Form
1 question

Add An Email Sign Up Form To Your Website :
Add A Sign Up Form To Your Website
Practice Exercise: Write Out The Opt-In Text
Create Sign Up Form Add To WordPress Site

How To Use MailChimp 2017 Lead Magnets ( pdf's, cheat sheets, check lists ) etc :
Lead Magnet PDF's,Reports,Cheet Sheets,Videos

A/B split test campaigns (headlines, copy, subject line, color,) :
About A/B Split Testing Campaigns
Test 50/50 Of Your List With Different:Copy, Subject Line, From Name, Send Time

How To Use MailChimp 2017 Reporting Quickly And Easily :
Email: Open Rate, Click Rate, Demographics, Location etc

Create A New Campaign With What Goal In Mind? :
Build your brand
Connect with your contacts
Sell more stuff
Boost customer loyalty
Bring people back

MailChimp for WordPress Plugin :
Subscribe your WordPress site visitors to your lists
MailChimp for WordPress Add To Lead Magnet Page
Bonus Lecture

MailChimp Learning Resources :
MailChimp for iOS and Android
Facebook Ad Campaigns
Defining Your Instagram Advertising Strategy
Getting Started with Marketing Automation
MailChimp for E-Commerce
Email Marketing Field Guide
Product Recommendations
Abandoned Cart
A/B Testing
Multivariate Testing
Comparative Reports

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