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Electronics Basic Complete course with graphical animation

Introduction :
Voltag.Current.Resistor Introduction

Battery :
Showing of battery and voltmeter
Battery with switch and Lamp

Resistor :
Resistor and Variable Resistor

Lamp and switches :
Two Lamp in Series
Paralel Lamp . divided current
Two way switches

Motor :
Simple motor . chsnge their rotaition and speed

Fuses :
Fuse on circuit and how they work

Measurment :
How to measure Voltage
Two lamp in series with voltmeter
Measure current that goes throuth our one lamp
measure Voltag and current of one lamp

Calculation :
Measuring and calculating Curent that goes throuth Resistor
Mesuring and calculating Voltage divider with resistor

Potentiameter :
Potentiameter and all kind of it and how it work

Capacitors :
What is capacitor and how it charge
How to use charge of capacitor and what is discharge circuit
Looking at voltag and current at charging and discharging of capacitor

Inductors :
Inductors how to work in circuit

Relays :
How relays work and look at some of them

AC Voltag :
Alternating current

Diods :
Basic of diods
What is rectification and how to use diode in alternating current
See rectification with diod with amp meter
Voltage that diod need to be on
Use capacitor with diod to have more smooth DC voltag

Rectifire :
how full bridge rectifire work
full bridge rectifire with capacitor
What is half bridge rectifire and how it work
using cpacitor with half bridge rectifire

Transistor :
What is transistor and how to turn it on
what happen when we put voltag in base of transitor
what will happen to current that go through transitor if we change the voltag an
Use transistor with relays
Use capacitor with transistor
Make a timing lamp with transistor and capacitor
Change the timing of transistor with potentiameter and capacitor

What is opamp and how it work and how to use it
How opamp amplifi voltag
Voltag folower circuit with opamp
Using op amp to amplifi voltage
Using of inverting pin of op amp
Use of inverting pin with amplification