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ElasticSearch LogStash Kibana ELK #1 – Learn ElasticSearch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome And Introduction :
Course Overview
About the instructor
About the learner
Special offers
Get ready for ElasticSearch

Overview Of ELK :
Introduction to ELK
Introduction to Big Data
Tools for Big Data
Benefits of ELK
ELK in the real world
Test your knowledge - Module 2
4 questions

Getting Started With ElasticSearch :
Introduction to ElasticSearch
ElasticSearch as a distributed framework
ElasticSearch features
ElasticSearch features (contd.)
ElasticSearch terminology
ElasticSearch terminology (contd.)
Test your knowledge - Module 3
4 questions

ElasticSearch In Action :
ElasticSearch vs. RDBMS
Why use ElasticSearch?
ElasticSearch pre-requisites
Deploy AWS EC2 instances
Connect to AWS EC2 instances
Download install packages
ElasticSearch configuration
ElasticSearch configuration (contd.)
Explore ElasticSearch API editor
Install Head plugin for ElasticSearch
Explore Sense plugin for ElasticSearch
Add a new document to ElasticSearch
Anatomy of a PUT API request for ElasticSearch
Add documents to ElasticSearch
Retreive data from ElasticSearch
ElasticSearch indexing - behind the scenes
Introduction to ElasticSearch search queries
Execute ElasticSearch search queries
ElasticSearch advanced features
ElasticSearch CAT APIs
ElasticSearch high availability
ElasticSearch scalability
Test your knowledge - Module 4
4 questions

Putting It All Together :
Review sample dataset
Prepare sample dataset
Query the sample dataset
ElasticSearch type mappings
Test your knowledge - Module 5
2 questions

Conclusion :
Bonus lecture: Special discounts for current students