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ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana ELK #3 – Learn Kibana

Welcome and Introduction :
Course Overview
About us
About the learner
Get ready for kibana

Overview of ELK (Moved) :
Overview of ELK (moved)

Kibana: Overview and Installation :
Introduction to Kibana
Prepare to install Kibana
Install and configure Kibana
3 pillars of Kibana
Kibana - discover
Kibana - discover (contd.)
Kibana - discover (contd.)
Test your knowledge - Module 3
4 questions

Kibana: Deep Dive :
Quick checkin
Kibana - visualize
Kibana - visualize (contd.)
Kibana - area chart visualization
Kibana - data table visualization
Kibana - line chart visualization
Kibana - markdown visualization
Kibana - pie chart visualization
Kibana - tilemap visualization
Kibana - barchart visualization
Exploring Kibana visualizations
Introduction to Kibana dashboard
Kibana dashboard
Kibana dashboard (contd.)
Test your knowledge - Module 4
4 questions

Kibana Extensibility via Plugins :
Introduction to Kibana plugins
Kibana - tagcloud plugin
Kibana - heatmap plugin
Kibana - slider plugin
Kibana plugins in the dashboard
Kibana settings
Kibana tips and tricks
Test your knowledge - Module 5
2 questions

Overview Of ELK :
Introduction to ELK
Introduction to Big Data
Tools for Big Data
Benefits of ELK
ELK in the real world
Test your knowledge - Module 2
5 questions

Conclusion :
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