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Elasticsearch 6 and Elastic Stack – In Depth and Hands On!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Installing and Understanding Elasticsearch :
Udemy 101: Getting the Most From This Course
Installing Elasticsearch [Step by Step]
Elasticsearch Overview
Intro to HTTP and RESTful API's
Using Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch Architecture
Quiz: Elasticsearch Concepts and Architecture

Mapping and Indexing Data :
Connecting to your Cluster
Getting to Know the Movielens Data Set
Create a Mapping for MovieLens
Hacking CURL (Don't Skip This!)
Import a Single Movie via JSON / REST
Insert Many Movies at Once
Updating Data in Elasticsearch
Deleting Data in Elasticsearch
[Exercise] Insert, Update, and Delete a Fictitious Movie
Dealing with Concurrency
Using Analyzers and Tokenizers
Data Modeling with Elasticsearch

Searching with Elasticsearch :
Using Query-String Search
Using JSON Search
Full-Text vs. Phrase Search
[Exercise] Search for New Star Wars Films Two Different Ways
Using Filters
[Exercise] Search for Science Fiction Movies Before 1960, Sorted by Title
Fuzzy Queries
Partial Matching
N-Grams, and Search as you Type

Importing Data into Your Index - Big or Small :
Importing Data from Scripts
[Exercise] Import Movie Tags Into a New Index with a Python Script.
Logstash Overview
Installing Logstash
Importing Apache Access Logs with Logstash
Importing Data from MySQL using Logstash
Importing Data from AWS S3 using Logstash
Integrating Kafka with Elasticsearch
Integrating Spark and Hadoop with Elasticsearch
[Exercise] Import Movie Ratings from Spark to Elasticsearch

Aggregation :
Buckets and Metrics
Aggregating Time Series Data
[Exercise] When Did my Site Go Down?
Nested Aggregations

Using Kibana :
Installing Kibana
Analyzing Shakespeare with Kibana
[Exercise] Find the Shakespeare Plays with the Most Lines

Analyzing Log Data with the Elastic Stack :
The ELK Stack and Elastic Stack
Install, Configure, and Use Filebeat
Analyzing Server Logs with Kibana
[Exercise] Narrow Down the Source of 404 Errors

Elasticsearch Operations :
How Many Shards Should I Use?
Scaling with New Indices
Choosing Your Hardware
Heap Sizing
Monitoring with X-Pack
Practicing Failover
Rolling Restarts

Elasticsearch in the Cloud :
Using Amazon Elasticsearch Service
Using Elastic Cloud

You Made It! :
I Made It! Now What?
Bonus Lecture: Discounts to continue your journey!

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