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Ecommerce for Beginners – Become a Shopify Master Today!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Start Here :
Shopify Introduction
Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 1
The Intro
1 question

Branding and Your Market :
Let’s talk a bit about Branding, what it is and what it is not.
How to get people to your shop – Advertising, Marketing?
Let’s Talk about the Who, Why and What
Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 2
Branding and Marketing
3 questions

Login, Signup and first Settings :
What We Do Here
You are going to Signup the First Time
We look at The Dashboard and talk about Sales Channels
The General Settings are important
Let’s do our first SEO settings in the Preferences
Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 3

Products, Pictures and Digital Downloads :
What we do here
Basic Product Setting
Advanced Product Settings
Product Pictures
What to consider with the Title and the Copy?
What about Digital Downloads?
How do I manage my Inventory?
Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 4

Blogs, Pages and Content :
What we are doing here and Why
Let’s add our first Pages to our Store
Privacy Policy, TOS, Return Policy Page
Let’s add our first Blog Posts
Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 5

Theme Settings, Logo and Awesome Banners :
What we do in this section
How do we edit our Theme Sections?
Take a look at managing Themes, Languages and the Theme Store
Let’s get a great Logo and Banners for FREE
Lets have a look at the Shopify Theme Source Code
Lets put it all together – Your final theme
Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 6

Shipping, Taxes and Payments :
What we do here?
Payment Settings
Checkout Settings

Apps for your Store :
General Overview of App’s
Things to watch out for
App Ideas

Monitoring Store Financial Performance :
Financial Performance vs Bookkeeping
Monitoring Basic Financial Performance - How to
Bookkeeping - The options
Recap - Knowing when to Seek Advice

Orders and Customers :
What we do here
Placing an Order & Abandoned Checkouts
Order Cancellation

Analytics for the Store :
What we do here
Signup Analytics and Connect Shopify
Understand the Basic Reports
Signup, verify and connect Google Webmaster Tools
Setup and understand Goals and Funnels
Setup Shopify Search Tracking
Make sure you see only valid data in Google Analytics
Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 11

Your Shop goes Live! :
Now it’s time to get your Domain
Let’s talk about customer Emails
Add a Facebook Page
Let’s talk about Promoting and Advertising on Facebook
Get Mailchimp ready to collect Emails
Shop and Ecommerce E-Book Page 12

Thank you :
Final Notes, Thank You and Store Checklist