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ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) Babel and Webpack Explained

Getting started & Source Code :
Your first step
Getting the source code on Github
Overview of what we are going to build

Babel :
How we use EcmaScript/ES6 today
Ways to transpile & Babel console
Node JS & NPM
Babel CLI (part 1)
Babel CLI (part 2)

Webpack :
Webpack and why
Installing and Configuring Project with Webpack

Modules :
Introduction to Modules
Single Default Exports
Multiple Named Exports

Logging :
Lets Implement Our Custom Logger

New Syntax :
Variable Scope and Let Keyword
Constant (Const)
Template Literals
Spread Operator
Arrow Functions

Functions / Methods & Objects :
Enhanced Object Properties
Destructing Assignment on Arrays
Destructuring Assigment on Objects
Function Default Parameters

Promises :
Promises.All function
Promises real example with fetch

Classes :
ES6 Classes
Static keyword (Class member methods and not instance)

Generators :
Intro to Generators
Generators (The Basics)
Bluebird - Promises with Generators ( I )
Bluebird - Promises with Generators ( II )

Maps & Sets :
Maps ( Keynote )
Sets ( Keynote )

Beyond ES6 and React :
Babel Presets & Plugins
Spread Operator on Objects
React Preset
Creating React Component
Fetching Random Jokes to our React Component

Conclusion :
Final say