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Easy Local Server Setup for Web Development

Video Introducing this tutorial

Learn to setup a local web development environment :
Local Server Introduction

XAMPP Local Server setup :
Learn more about localhost
How to install XAMPP
XAMPP Control Panel
Customize your XAMPP install
XAMPP FTP server setup
More help and resources XAMPP
Editors and Live View XAMPP
Learn PHPmyAdmin MySQL database
Source Code PHP connection
Sending Mail via XAMPP
Send Mail Script
Multiple Projects on Local Machine
Source Code Project Setup
XAMPP Conclusion

AMPPS Local Server setup :
AMPPS information
How to setup and Install AMPPS
Quick Launch AMPPS
Explore AMPPS User Panel
AMPPS Admin Panel
MySQL with PHPmyAdmin AMPPS
More tools and database options
Setting up custom local domains
How to setup Wordpress locally in under 1 minute
How to backup and restore your websites
AMPPS Conclusion
AMPPS resources

Local Server Github Virtual Box and Vagrant Install :
Introduction to Vagrant Oracle Virtual Box
System Setup download resources and files needed
Vagrant Quick Overview
Install scotchBox
Vagrant ssh
Vagrant Resources