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Drupal Tutorial : Drupal 8 Beginner to Expert in 10 PROJECTS

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Welcome :
What is a CMS? What is Drupal?
When to use Drupal? (and when NOT to?)
Help is always at hand
Quiz for Section 1: Introduction to Drupal and CMSs
4 questions

Drupal 8 SUPER EASY Installation :
Drupal 8 Automated Installation

Project 1: Company Brochure Website :
Learning Objectives of this section
A first look at Drupal
Discover the Drupal Interface
2.4 Company Brochure Website 1 - Adding a HOMEPAGE
2.4 Company Brochure Website 2 - APPEARANCE
2.4 Company Brochure Website 3 - Additional Pages and CONTACT form

Theory: Content Management ESSENTIALS :
Learning Objectives of this section
A Quick look - Content and Content Types
Article Type: In Depth
Article Type: Continued
Drupal's Powerful Versioning System
Managing Content - in bulk

Project 2: Blog Site :
Learning Objectives of this section
What is a blog? Design Elements of a Blog
Blog Project - Build your own Blog
Blog Project - Notes, Tips and Tricks

User Management with Drupal :
What is RBAC? Users, Roles and Permissions
User Account Settings
Creating User Accounts, User Generated Accounts, Resetting Passwords
Creating Roles, Assigning Permissions

Project 3: Internet Forum :
Learning Objectives of this section
What is a Forum? Design Elements of a Forum
Forum creation and user management
ADVANCED Notes, tips and tricks

How far can you go with the UX? - 8 examples
Working with Themes - The Basics
Installing a new FREE Theme
Theme Personalization and Customization - MULTIPLE techniques

Project 4: USING Themes :
Learning Objectives of this section
WHERE to find great Themes?
How To Choose a Theme - Making a DECISION

Magic of Taxonomy :
What is Taxonomy and why is it so useful?
Creating Taxonomy Vocabularies
Using Taxonomy Vocabularies

Project 5 INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: Recipe Website :
Learning Objectives of this section
Recipe Website Creation and Configuration
Recipe Website Taxonomy and Usage

Drupal Content Types - The flexible Solution :
Learning Objectives of this section
What is a "Content Type"? OOTB Content Types
Creating a Custom Content Type
Adding different Fields
Input/Output Formatting for Content Types

Project 6 INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: Film Review Site :
Learning Objectives of this section
Film Review Website - Install, Theme, Custom Fields, Input Formatting
Project Design - Taxonomy vs. Content Fields
Film Review Website Creation - Completion

Learning Objectives of this section
The "Building Blocks" of Drupal
Block Layout Page - Blocks, Theme Regions and Modules
Simple Block Creation and Configuration