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Drumeo – Drum Technique Made Easy

W00 - 1 - Overview Of Each Grip
W00 - 2 - Ergonomic Drum Setup
W00 - 3 - Practice Space
W01 - Setting Up The Choreography
W02 - Hand To Hand Triplets
W03 - Hand To Hand 16th Notes
W04 - Four Note Groupings In Triplets
W05 - Five Note Groupings In 16th Notes
W05_2 - Traditional Grip
W06 - Five Note Groupings In Triplets
W06_5 - Clarifying The Motions & Traditional Grip Expansion
W07 - The Motions Applied To Rudiments
W08 - Working With Paradiddles
W09 - The Moeller Technique
W10 - Moeller Motion With Opposite Hand Filling In
W11 - Applying Paradiddles To Grooves
W12 - Paradiddle Grooves With Displaced Accents
W13 - Bass Drum Technique
W14 - Hand To Foot Combinations
W15 - Applying Bass Drum In Patterns
W16 - Analysis Of French Grip
W17 - Identifying The Move For The Jazz Ride Pattern
W18 - Combining French & German Grip (Part I)
W19 - Combining French & German Grip (Part II)
W20 - The Push-Pull Technique
W21 - Drags, Ruffs & Diddles
W22 - The 3 Stroke Ruff
W23 - Moving Paradiddles To The Tips For Speed
W24 - Applying Movements To Different Drums
W25 - Time Concepts
W26 - Afro-Cuban Applications