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Drones & Arch Viz: Compositing 3d With Live Footage

Introduction :
Instructor Intro and Course Overview

Camera Tracking in After Effects :
Section Overview
Get Your Free Drone Footage
Import Drone Footage Into After Effects and Track It
Use a Script To Export The Tracking Data
Section Review

Using Tracking Info in 3ds Max :
Section Overview
Import Footage as a Background
Import Tracking Data and Link it to a Dummy Object
Place 3d Models
Set up Masking and Render Channels
Render 3d Footage
Section Recap

Back in After Effects: Composite and Render Your Final Video :
Section Overview
Import 3d Footage to After Effects
Use Alpha Tricks in After Effects to Blend Two Tracks Better
Adjusting the 3D to Match Perfectly
Export the Final Composite
Fixing and Troubleshooting Potential Problems -- Alpha Channel & Z-depth
Section Review

Keep Learning :
More Ways to Learn
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