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Udemy Dog Training Tricks: Trick Training, Dog Games & Dog Paw Art

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome! Let me introduce myself and to my dog training art course :
Meet Athena

Let's Talk Dogs and Dog Training! :
The importance of physical and mental exercise
What is Positive Reinforcement?
Mark & Reward
Having Success With Your Dog
If you get Frustrated

Dog Training Tricks To Form A Stronger Bond with Your Dog :
Introduction to Dog Training Tricks and Getting Your Trick Plan Sheet
Ring The Bells
"Speak" Command In Action
Sit Pretty
Back Up
Weave Through Your Legs & Walk In Between Your Legs
Help your dog focus on YOU
What Tricks Are Up Your Sleeve?
1 question

Dog Games & Activities to Become Closer With Your Dog :
Hide and Seek
Work for Food
Agility Equipment
Using Their Nose
Toy Motivation
Dog Training Challenge Combo
Signs You Have a Strong Bond with Your Dog
Being Present With Your Dog

Bonding With Your Dog By Creating A Paw Painting Together :
Why Create Art With Your Dog?
Where will you create your artwork?
Supplies Needed
If you choose to change the color of your canvas panels
Introduction to the canvas panels
EASY Method To Add Paint to Your Dog's Feet
Washing off your Dog's Feet
Complete Your Trial Run on Paper
Create Abstract Art on Canvas with Your Dog With This Easy Method
The Easy Painting Clean Up Once You Are Done Painting
Do You Need Any Additional Help?
Introducing Romeo to Canvas Panels
Morning of Day Three with Romeo
Thinking About Skipping the Trial Run?
How did Your Paw Painting Turn Out?
Protecting Your Artwork
Always Challenge Your Dog
Identifying Areas of Improvement

Conclusion and Bonus Lecture :
Creating with Tatiana
Thank you for joining me, I hope to see you again!
BONUS LESSON: Learn more!