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Docker Mastery: with K8s & Swarm from a Docker Captain

Course Introduction and Docker Intro :
June 2019 Update!
Course Roadmap (overview)
Why Docker? Why Now?
Getting Course Resources (GitHub Repo)
Course Slack Room: Chat Live With Me and Other Students
Weekly YouTube Live Q&A with Bret
The Big FAQ

The Best Way to Setup Docker for Your OS :
Docker Editions: Which Do I Use?
Installing Docker: The Fast Way
Windows Docker Options
Docker for Windows 10 Pro/Ent: Setup and Tips
Docker Toolbox for Win7, 8, and 10 Home: Setup and Tips
Docker for Mac Setup and Tips
Docker for Linux Setup and Tips
Quiz on Proper Docker Install
3 questions
Code or Text Editor for Docker and Compose files
Terminal Shell and Tab Completion for Docker CLI
Docker Version Format Change

Creating and Using Containers Like a Boss :
Check Our Docker Install and Config
Starting a Nginx Web Server
Debrief: What Happens When We Run a Container
Container VS. VM: It's Just a Process
Windows Containers: Docker Is No Longer Just Linux
Assignment: Manage Multiple Containers
Assignment Answers: Manage Multiple Containers
Container Quiz 1
4 questions
What's Going On In Containers: CLI Process Monitoring
Getting a Shell Inside Containers: No Need for SSH
Docker Networks: Concepts for Private and Public Comms in Containers
FIXME: Change In Official Nginx Image Removes Ping
Docker Networks: CLI Management of Virtual Networks
Docker Networks: DNS and How Containers Find Each Other
Container Quiz 2
3 questions
Assignment: Using Containers for CLI Testing
Assignment Answers: Using Containers for CLI Testing
Assignment: DNS Round Robin Test
Assignment Answers: DNS Round Robin Test

Container Images, Where To Find Them and How To Build Them :
What's In An Image (and What Isn't)
The Mighty Hub: Using Docker Hub Registry Images
Images and Their Layers: Discover the Image Cache
Image Tagging and Pushing to Docker Hub
Building Images: The Dockerfile Basics
Building Images: Running Docker Builds
Building Images: Extending Official Images
Image Quiz
3 questions
Assignment: Build Your Own Dockerfile and Run Containers From It
Assignment Answers: Build Your Own Dockerfile and Run Containers From It
Using Prune to Keep Your Docker System Clean (YouTube)

Container Lifetime & Persistent Data: Volumes, Volumes, Volumes :
Container Lifetime & Persistent Data
Persistent Data: Data Volumes
Persistent Data: Bind Mounting
Quiz on Persistent Data
3 questions
Assignment: Database Upgrades with Named Volumes
Assignment Answers: Database Upgrades with Named Volumes
Assignment: Edit Code Running In Containers With Bind Mounts
Assignment Answers: Edit Code Running In Containers With Bind Mounts

Making It Easier with Docker Compose: The Multi-Container Tool :
Docker Compose and The docker-compose.yml File
Trying Out Basic Compose Commands
Assignment: Build a Compose File For a Multi-Container Service
Assignment Answers: Build a Compose File For a Multi-Container Service
Adding Image Building to Compose Files
Assignment: Compose For Run-Time Image Building and Multi-Container Development
Assignment Answers: Compose For Run-Time Image Building and Multi-Container Dev
Quiz on Docker Compose
6 questions

Swarm Intro and Creating a 3-Node Swarm Cluster :
Swarm Mode: Built-In Orchestration
Create Your First Service and Scale It Locally
UI Change For Service Create/Update
Docker Machine Bug With Swarm
Creating a 3-Node Swarm Cluster
Quiz on Swarm Mode Basics
3 questions

Swarm Basic Features and How to Use Them In Your Workflow :
Scaling Out with Overlay Networking
Scaling Out with Routing Mesh
Quiz on Docker Swarm Basics
4 questions
Assignment: Create A Multi-Service Multi-Node Web App
Assignment Answers: Create A Multi-Service Multi-Node Web App
Swarm Stacks and Production Grade Compose
Secrets Storage for Swarm: Protecting Your Environment Variables
Using Secrets in Swarm Services
Using Secrets with Swarm Stacks
Assignment: Create A Stack with Secrets and Deploy
Assignment Answers: Create A Stack with Secrets and Deploy

Swarm App Lifecycle :
Using Secrets With Local Docker Compose
Full App Lifecycle: Dev, Build and Deploy With a Single Compose Design
Service Updates: Changing Things In Flight
Healthchecks in Dockerfiles
Quiz on Swarm App Lifecycle
3 questions
Info on Swarm Mastery

Container Registries: Image Storage and Distribution :
Docker Hub: Digging Deeper
Understanding Docker Registry
Run a Private Docker Registry
Assignment: Secure Docker Registry With TLS and Authentication
Using Docker Registry With Swarm
Third Party Image Registries
Quiz on Container Registries
3 questions

Docker in Production :
My DockerCon Talk on Docker and Swarm in Production
The Future of Swarm
Swarm Raft Quorum and Recovery (Laura Frank from DockerCon 2017)

The What and Why of Kubernetes :
Kubernetes Intro
What Is Kubernetes
Why Kubernetes
Kubernetes vs Swarm

Kubernetes Install And Your First Pods :
Section Intro
Kubernetes Architecture Terminology
Kubernetes Local Install
Kubernetes Container Abstractions
Kubectl run, create, and apply
Our First Pod With kubectl run
Scaling ReplicaSets
Inspecting Kubernetes Objects

Exposing Kubernetes Ports :
Section Intro
Service Types
Creating a ClusterIP Service
Creating a NodePort and LoadBalancer Service
Kubernetes Services DNS

Kubernetes Management Techniques :
Section Intro
Run, Expose, and Create Generators
The Future of Kubectl Run
Imperative vs. Declarative
Three Management Approaches

Moving to Declarative Kubernetes YAML :
Section Intro
Kubectl apply
Kubernetes Configuration YAML
Building Your YAML Files
Building Your YAML Spec
Dry Runs and Diff's
Labels and Label Selectors

Your Next Steps, and The Future of Kubernetes :
Section Intro
Storage in Kubernetes
CRD's and The Operator Pattern
Higher Deployment Abstractions
Kubernetes Dashboard
Namespaces and Context
Future of Kubernetes

DevOps and Docker Clips :
DevOps and Docker Talk Intro
Alpine Base Images. Are They Really More Secure?
Dealing With Non-root Users In Containers and File Permissions
Apache Web Server Design. Many Sites In One Container, or Many Containers?
Docker Network IP Subnet Conflicts with Outside Networks
Raspberry Pi Development in Docker
Windows 10 Containers Get Process Isolation
Should You Move Postgres to Containers
Using Supervisor To Run Multiple Apps In A Container
Should You Use Docker Compose or Swarm For A Single Server?
Docker Environment Configs, Variables, and Entrypoints
Java and JBoss in Containers. One .war File Per Container?
TLS in Dev and Prod with Docker
Multiple Docker Images From One Git Repo
Docker + ARM, Using Raspberry Pi or AWS A1 Instances with Docker
Docker and Swarm RBAC Options
ENTRYPOINT vs. CMD, what's the difference in Dockerfiles
How to Use External Storage in Docker
Can I Turn a VM into a Container?
Startup Order With Multi-Container Apps

Dockerfile and Compose File Reviews :
Section Intro - My Reviews Of Your Dockerfiles
Real World PHP Dockerfile Review
Real World PHP, Apache, and Alpine Dockerfile Review
Real World PHP and FPM Dockerfile Review
Real World Elasticsearch Compose Stack File

Extra's, Common Questions, and Resources :
Node.js Good Defaults For Docker
PHP and Docker Good Defaults Project Template
About the DCA (Docker Certificated Associate)