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Docker for Java Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course Introduction
Instructor Introduction
Free 90 Day IntelliJ Trial!
Checking out from GitHub
Docker Cheat Sheet
Course Slack Room - Chat Live with Me and Other Gurus!

Introduction to Docker :
What is Docker
Docker Editions
Installing Docker
Hello World with Docker
Docker Hub
Introducing KiteMatic
Assignment - Run Hello World Nginx

Working with Containers and Images :
Running Mongo DB Docker Container
Assignment - download and run Spring Boot Project
Assignment Review
Docker Images
Docker Files
Non Persistent Container Storage
Assigning Storage
Assignment - Run Rabbit MQ in a Docker Container
Assignment Review
Assignment - Run MySQL in a Docker Container
Assignment Review
Docker House Keeping
Flash Cards

Running Spring Boot in a Centos Image :
Preparing CentOS for Java development
Sample Spring Boot Application
Running Spring Boot from Docker
Assignment: Run Your Own Spring Boot App
Assignment - Fix Dockerfile
Assignment Review
Interview with James Labocki of Red Hat

DevOps - Automating Building of Docker Images :
Maven vs Gradle and Fabric8
Spring Boot Application Code Review
Adding Fabric8 Maven Plugin
Creating Docker Image in Fabric 8
Publishing to Dockerhub
Assignment - perform a release in Maven
Assignment Code Review
Using A Docker File Template
Flash Cards

Running Images from Maven :
Running a Docker image from Maven
Design for a more robust application
Application Code Review
Running Example Application with Docker
Running Docker Containers via Maven
Using Docker Containers for Integration Testing
Using Maven for CI Builds
Assignment: Add Pageview Counter for Index Page
Assignment Review
Flash Cards

Using Docker Compose :
Introduction to Docker Compose
YAML Crash Course
Run Wordpress with Docker Compose
Run Pageview Service with Docker Compose
Assignment: Add Web Application to Docker Compose
Assignment Review
Adding Spring Boot Actuator

Docker Swarm Mode :
What is Docker Swarm Mode?
Docker Swarm Mode Init
Docker Swarm Topology
Provision Servers for Docker Swarm
Assignment - Install Docker on Swarm Servers
Assignment - Review Install Docker
Creating a Multi Node Docker Swarm
Assignment - Install Portainer
Assignment Review
Docker Swarm Service Discovery
Docker Swarm Routing Mesh
Flash Cards

Running Java Apps in Docker Swarm :
Deploy MySQL as Service in Docker Swarm
Docker Overlay Networks
Docker Swarm Stacks
Using Docker Secrets
Implementing Docker Secrets

Spring Boot Cookbook :
Spring Boot Cookbook Introduction
Spring Boot Mongo DB Example
Spring Boot MySQL Example
Spring Boot Postgres Example
Spring Boot Maria DB Example
Spring Boot DB2 Example
Spring Boot Oracle Example
Spring Boot Neo4J Example
Spring Boot Redis Example
Spring Boot Cassandra Example
Spring Boot ActiveMQ Example
Spring Boot RabbitMQ Example

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