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Docker Essentials for Python Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Introduction & Course Agenda
Why Docker for Python?
Windows, Mac or Linux?
How to use this Course?
Tools used in this Course

Install Docker :
Quick Overview of Docker Software
Docker ID
Create your Docker ID
1 question
Docker Desktop on Windows Pro
Docker Desktop on MacOS
Docker Toolbox on Windows Home
Docker Engine + Compose on Ubuntu/Debian
Docker Engine + Compose on CentOS/Fedora
Install Docker Software on your Development Machine
1 question
Install Course Example Files

Quick Start :
Section Introduction
Basic Python Runtime Environment in Docker
Jupyter Lab for Data Science
Jupyter Notebook with ML Model and TensorBoard
Build and Run FLASK REST API Server Container
Build and Run Django Web Server Container Image

Docker Containers Basics :
Section Introduction
Definition of a Container
How Container Communicate?
How to access an Application in a Container?
How Containers store Data?
Application Design Patterns
Container Runtimes
Development & Production Environments
Container Images
Docker Hub and Official Images
Building own Images
How Docker creates Containers?
Image & Container Lifecycles
Immutable Containers Principle

Running Docker Containers :
Section Overview
Overview of Docker Commands
Run Interactive Container
Port Mapping
Bind Mount Host Folders
List Containers
Container Names
Run Container in Background
Print Container Logs
Attach to a Container
Execute ad hoc Command in a running Container
Stop a Container
Create Container without starting
Start a Container
Inspect Container
Pull the Image
Rename the Image
List and delete Images
Inspect Image Metadata
Run a Container with custom start-up command
Environment variables in a Container
Remove (delete) a Container
Portainer - Container management GUI

Creating Container Images :
Section Introduction
Overview of Image Build Process
Manual Build Process
Dockerfile Format
Example Flask REST API Project
Docker Build Command
Base Image - FROM and ARG Instructions
COPY Instruction
RUN Instruction
VOLUME Instruction
Start-up Command - ENTRYPOINT & CMD
Final Dockerfile for Color Boxes Microservice
Push Image to Docker Hub
Push Image to other Registries

Docker Compose - Multi-Container Applications :
Section Introduction & Overview
Key Concepts of Docker Compose
Docker Compose File Format
Docker Compose command reference
Example 1 - TensorFlow & TensorBoard
Example 2 - Microservice & SQL Database
Example 3 - Django Web Site

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