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Udemy Docker Certified Associate (DCA) – With Kubernetes

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Docker Container Workflow
Container Image Registry Overview

Installation and Basic Setup :
Prepare EC2 Instance
AWS EC2 Docker Installation
AWS EC2 Cleanup

Docker Images :
Docker Image Maintenance
Container Image Save Load Import
Docker Image Dockerfile and Prune

Docker Containers :
Docker Container Start and Create
Docker Container Attach Detach and Exec
Docker Container different State
Docker Container Commit
Docker Container Export
Docker Container Copy and Diff
Docker Container Log Top Stats
Docker Container Resource Utilization
Docker Volume
Docker Volume Management
Docker Volume Mounting
Docker Volume Options and Cleanup

Docker Image Deep Dive :
Image Layers Introduction
Image build FROM
Image build FROM base image
Image build LABEL
Image build ARG ENV
Image build VOLUME

Image Registry :
Image Registry using play with docker
Image Registry using EC2
Image Registry using Docker Hub

Docker Networking :
Docker Networking Overview
Create Custom Network Namespace
Custom Network Configuration files
Custom Network Custom Subnet
Custom Network - Working with multiple network
Remove Network
Host Networking
Null Networking
Discovery and Load Balance

Docker Swarm :
Docker Swarm - Introduction
Docker Swarm in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Docker Swarm AWS AMI Setup
Docker Swarm Init Cluster
Docker Swarm - Service Task Stack Introduction
Docker Swarm Service and Task in Detail
Swarm Service Scaling and Removing
Docker Swarm Service update and Rollback
Docker Swarm Locking
Docker Swarm Drain
Docker Swarm Stack Deploy
Docker Swarm Global Service
Docker Swarm Add Worker
Play with Docker Setup
Swarm Node Label Introduction
Docker Swarm Label Service
Docker Swarm Global Service Label
Docker Swarm Placement Preference
Docker Swarm Constraint and Placement Preference
Docker Swarm Promote Demote

Docker Enterprise :
Docker Enterprise installation preparation
Prepare Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for Docker Enterprise
Install Universal Control Plane (UCP)
Node - Subject Alternative Name (SAN) Update
Docker Enterprise - Add nodes
Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) Installation

Kubernetes :
Orchestration Overview
Kubernetes Component Introduction
YAML Introduction
Kubernetes Cluster Installation Analogy
Kubernetes Cluster Types of Installation
Minikube Window Installation
Minikube CentOS Installation
POD getting started
POD File Copy and working with Ports
ReplicaSet Introduction
Deployments Introduction
Service Introduction
Label Selector Introduction
Volume Introduction
Configmap Introduction
Secrets Introduction
Namespace Introduction