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Docker and Continuous Integration: Code, Build, Test, Deploy

Introduction :
What You Should Know Prior To Taking This Course
Course Materials

The Sample App :
Introduction The To The App
Getting Acquainted With Our Dockerfile
Testing Our App
Add The App To Source Control

Starting Our Continuous Integration Test Builds :
Choosing A Continuous Integration Platform
Performing The Test Builds

Utilizing Docker Hub Automated Builds Process :
Creating A Automated Docker Hub Build Repo
How To Utilize Build Triggers From Circle Ci To Create A Successful Build

The Final Step, Getting Our App Into Production :
Configuring Docker Hub With AWS
Creating A Docker Hub Node Cluster
Creating A Docker Hub Service
Creating A Docker Hub Webhook

Demonstrating Our Continous Integration Workflow :
Breaking The App
Fixing Our App and Seeing The End To End Workflow
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Bonus Material :
Docker Networking Drivers Explained
Docker Hosting Options