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Video Introducing this tutorial

Start Here :
What is the course about?

Cool Techniques :
Filming from a car
How to do a 360 pano

Basic Controls and techniques :
Basic controls
Connecting the Osmo to the App
Osmo App
Fundamental Filming
Osmo Selfie

Advanced Filming techniques :
Vlogging tips
Advanced Filming Techniques 2
How to do a DJI Osmo time lapse
How to do Slow Motion
Improving sound for Osmo
How to monetize your Osmo footage
How to edit Osmo footage
Live Edit 4k video footage on iMovie
Understanding ND filters for your dji osmo

Dji Osmo mobile :
Quick Setup for DJI Osmo mobile
Motion Timelapse
Active Tracking
Tour of the DJI Osmo Mobile Go app
Filmic Pro Introduction
Filming technique - Ninja Walk
Film Technique - Osmo Mobile Orbit
Useful Gear for the Osmo Mobile
Enhancing the Osmo mobile sound with Rode Videomicpro
Osmo Mobile Hacks: Powering your Osmo Mobile in the field
Getting Footage off your phone to your laptop (Android)
Getting Footage off your phone to your laptop (ios & Android)

Summary :
Course Summary

Quiz :
Knowledge Quiz
3 questions

Bonus :
Stock footage - what you need to get started
What is stock footage 2016?
Which Stock Footage Agencies to work with
Pilates Stock footage shoot - Behind the scenes

3rd Party App Osmo for Litchi :
Osmo Litch promo
Osmo Litchi motion control technique

Bonus Filming Talking head videos with Osmo :
DJI Mavic Talking head lesson created with DJI Osmo
Recording sound with a separate Audio source
Editing a Video with Osmo and Drone Footage in Final Cut Pro X
Finished Vancouver 2017 video created with Final Cut