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DJI Mavic Drone – Time to Create Stunning Travel Videos

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Quick setup DJI Mavic
Flight Controls & Understanding the Remote Control
Hover App - Preflight Checklist automation
Dji Go 4 - Flight simulator
Dji Go 4 App Essential Guide
Software Update: Mavic's Firmware & DJI GO app
Safety & Crowds
Virtual Joysticks and Connecting Via Wifi
Flying Indoors & slow motion test

Special & Smart (Intelligent Modes of Flight) :
Introduction to the Intelligent Modes
Intelligent Mode - Gesture mode
Dji Mavic Sports Mode
Fixed Wing Mode
Cinematic & Tripod Mode
Active Track - All 3 modes
Flight checklist
1 question
Tap Fly
Point of Interest (Orbit)

Post Production :
Editing a Drone Video in Final Cut Pro X
Finished Vancouver 2017 video created with Final Cut
Editing a Drone Video in iMovie
Finished Phuket Video made in iMovie
Aerial Photo - Best Tips
Aerial photos - Editing in Photoshop
Aerial Photos - Settings behind the scenes

Travel with the Drone and Monetize on Footage :
How you can monetize your 4k aerials
Tips for Traveling with your Drone
What is stock footage ?
Why Sell your Aerial Footage in 4k resolution
Behind the Scenes shooting Aerial footage in Myanmar (Bagan)
Selling Your Drone
Introduction to the Intelligent Modes
1 question
Shooting models with the drone
Cycling Aerial Shoot