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DJI Mavic Drone – Time to Create Amazing Aerial Photos

Video Introducing this tutorial

Quick Setup :
Quick setup DJI Mavic
Hover App - Preflight Checklist automation
Basic Controls
The DJI Go 4 App

Aerial Photos :
Top tips for Aerial Photos
Workflow for editing Aerial Photos
Editing Aerial photos behind the scenes
Intelligent Mode - Gesture mode

Intelligence modes :
Cinematic Settings for DJI Mavic
Virtual Joysticks and Connecting Via Wifi
Active Track - All 3 modes
Waypoint Mode
Point of Interest (Orbit)
Introduction to the Intelligent Modes

Summary :

Post Production :
Full Workflow Process:Making a Phuket Thailand video created with iMovie
Phuket Thailand Drone Video
Editing a Drone Video in Final Cut Pro X
Finished Drone Video

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