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Django For Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

What is Django :
What is Django
What is Python
Famous Apps built with Django
Django Tools

Introduction to the Command Line :
What is the command line interface
How to access the command line
What you can do with the command line
The command line signal
Useful commands

Installing Django :
Downloading and Installing Python
Django Pre-installation requirements
Checking for and upgrading Pip
Installing Virtual Environment
Activating virtual environment
Download and install Brackets
Download and install SQLite DB Browser
Django Installation
Create a Django Project
Create a Django App
Running Django Commands

How to create a Django Model :
Creating a Django Model
Running Migrations
Checking database structure for our app
Registering and administering our app
Querying Database

Django URL Patterns :
What is a URL
URL dispatcher
Django Architecture
How Django Processes a request
Regular Expressions
Django URLs Patterns
Django URL Patterns configuration - Part 1
Django URL Patterns configuration -Part 2
Django URL Patterns configuration - Part 3 Testing

Implementing Django Views :
What are Views
Implementing Views Part 1
Implementing Views Part 2
Adding Templates
Testing Views

Basic Python crash Course :
The Python Idle
Reserved Python Keywords
Arithmetic Operators
Comparison Operators
Python Variable
Python List
Python Tuples
Python Comments
Slicing Strings
Boolean Data Type
Write your first Python Program

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