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DIY Online Music Distribution – Spotify, Apple Music + More!

Introduction :
Introduction and What you are Going to Learn
Audio Files Preparation

CD Baby Overview :
Distributor Choices
CD Baby Setup Overview

Spotify for Artist :
Spotify Artist Profile

How To Submit Your Music To Playlists And Blogs :
SubmitHub Overview
SubmitHub Artist Profile
SubmitHub Dashboard
SubmitHub Setup
Submitting to Playlists

Artwork, Visualizers and Email Newsletters :
Design Artwork for free with Canva
Photoshop Templates
Music Visualizers with After Effects
YouTube Videos with iMovie
How to Create a Email Newsletter for your Audience

Outsourcing Artwork and Visualizers :
Outsourcing with Freelancer

CD Baby Setup :
Setup - Part 1
Uploading Artworks and Tracks
CD Baby - Payment

Thanks and Bye :
Thanks and Bye