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Digital Photo Retouching: Beauty, Fashion & Portrait Photography eBook by Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Video Introducing this tutorial

Pages 24-28: Illustrated Text Workshop - Retouching Cover Image
Pages 36-37: Photographing & Retouching Face + Video (13 min)
Page 44: Video Retouching Workshop - Retouching Cover Image (42min)
Pages 50-51: Photographing & Retouching Hair + Video (10 min)
Tons of Images & Real World Photography & Retouching Tips
Articles on shooting on location, in studio, working with models with the post-production stage in mind
Custom Beauty Brushes & Actions (see Digital Goodie Bag subfolder) (only in digital book)
Pages 58-59: Working with the custom Brushes & Actions mentioned above + Video (30 min) (only in digital book)
The video tutorials in this book are private Youtube videos exclusively accessible to the readers of this book
There’s also a download option to store the exclusive video tutorials and workshop on your computer and watch offline on page 9 (additional fee of $9.99 applies) (only in digital book)and a lot more!

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