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DevOps Fundamentals: Gain Solid Understanding

Introduction :
Meet Your Instructor and Course Structure

DevOps Essentials :
Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
What is DevOps?
Value of DevOps
Measuring DevOps - Metrics
How Agile Practice Applies to DevOps
Concept of Source & Version Control
DevOps Automation
Kubernetes - A complete Understanding

DevOps In Action - Putting Things In Perspective. Bringing It Together. :
Cluster Creation In Action - Google Cloud Platform & Kubernetes
Unified Processes Between Development & Operations
Concept Of Git
Continuous Integration and Delivery in DevOps
Continuous Testing
Configuration Management in DevOps
Release Management
Application Performance Management (APM)

Conclusion and Bonus! :
Course Conclusion
Deep Dive Kubernetes Architecture
FREE ClayDesk Web Hosting
DevOps Salary Survey 2017
DevOps Best Practices