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DevOps CI CD with Jenkins

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Introduction and Course Overview

DevOps CI CD :
Understanding DevOps CI CD
Jenkins Introduction

Jenkins Installation and Setup :
Section Introduction
Jenkins Pre-requisite - Install Java
Download Jenkins
Install Jenkins using Windows Installer
Optional: Install Jenkins as a stand alone Java application
Install Tomcat
Optional: Install Jenkins as a Web App on Tomcat
Jenkins UI Walkthrough
Your first Jenkins Hello World Job

Git Basics :
Git - Basic Concepts
Git Installation
Your first git project
Cloning and making changes to your repository

ANT - Basics :
ANT Basics - Your first HelloWorld build script
Compile Java Code
Use Checkstyle with ANT
Run Unit Tests

Jenkins-Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery :
Continuous Integration: Create a job to poll Git
Continuous Inspection: Create a job to do code review and publish results
Continuous Testing: Create job to run tests and publish Unit test reports
Commit all changes to Github
Continuous Deployment: Deploy code to staging environment
CI CD Build Pipeline
Continuous Delivery: Deploy code to production
Configure Jenkins for Notifications

Additional Learning :
Jenkins Command Line Interface

New Section:Jenkins Master Slave Set Up :
Section Introduction
Master Slave Setup - Windows
Jenkins Master Slave Set Up - Linux

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