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Develop RESTful Java Web Services using JAX-RS and Jersey

Welcome to the world of web services :
Course intro
Overview of RESTful web services.
Overview of JAX-RS

Setup :
Install JDK, Eclipse and Tomcat
Configure Tomcat in Eclipse
Create and run a new Maven web project in Eclipse

Create REST services :
Create a simple REST endpoint to understand the basics
Producing different representations from the web service

Setting up the database for our web service :
Downloading and setting up H2 Database
Importing the DB table and data

Creating the DAO Layer for our web service :
Creating the DAO interface
Implementing the addContact() method
Implementing the updateContact() method
Implementing the deleteContact() method
Implementing the findXXX() methods
Creating the DaoFactory class

Performing CRUD operations :
Handling GET requests to retrieve a resource
Handling POST requests to create a resource
Handling PUT requests to update a resource
Handling DELETE requests to delete a resource

Handling errors :
Responding with HTTP error codes for exceptions

Custom representations (other than JSON or XML) :
Using MessageBodyWriter
Using MessageBodyReader

Building and deploying :
Creating WAR file from your Eclipse project
Deploying on a locally installed Apache Tomcat Server

Import my project into your Eclipse IDE :
How to use the downloaded eclipse project

Conclusion :
Thank you