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Design Modern GUI Apps in VB.Net-for Left to Right Languages

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
About Me!
Download projects and files of this course

Working with Components :
What is Component?
What is NuGet ?
Search NuGet and find our favorite components
Install NuGet package manager into Visual Studio

Start Working with Skin Component :
Quick review and road map of this course
Creating VB.Net new project for working with Skin Component
Finding Material Skin component in NuGet site

Installing Skin Component :
Installing Material Skin package from NuGet site
Installing Material Skin package inside Visual Studio by NuGet Package manager
Manual Installation of Material Skin Component in Project

Start Using Skin Component :
Adding Skin controls to toolbox and use it
Add the great skin to our form
Adding code to form for loading Skin
Change the theme of form by code

Using Color Scheme of the Skin :
Different colors of Skin Manager
Change the form Color Scheme by using code

Change the Theme by User :
Add the buttons to change the theme on form
Write the code to change the theme of form

Working with Controls of Material Skin Component :
Using "Raised Button" & "Flat Button"
Working with "Tab selector" & "Tab Control"
Using "Single Line Text" and "Label" Control
Using "Radio Button" & "CheckBox" Control
Using "Divider" Control
Using "Context Menu Strip" Control
Change the font of "Label" & "Tab Control" by Code

Start Creating the Modern Skin Project :
Create the skin project in VB.Net
Set the default properties of form
Installing the skin package in skin project

Design the Modern Settings Form by Skin :
Add the skin to main settings form
Add the skinned tab control to our form
Add single line text field control to form
Add the Tab order to controls on form
Add radio buttons for selecting language
Add Save and Cancel buttons
Design the logo tab-page controls

Design the Skin Chooser form :
Add the skin chooser form to our project
Add the theme radio buttons to skin chooser form
Add 4 radio buttons for selecting form theme color
Add Tab control to Skin Chooser form

Write the Code for Changing Form Skin :
Write skin color changer code in VB.Net
Add the sub to change form skin color

Design the Text Color Changer :
Add radio buttons for selecting text color
Write the code for changing the text color

Save and Restore Skin Settings :
Save selected theme in by using App settings
Restore selected theme by user from settings
Save selected skin color by using app settings
Restore selected skin color to radio buttons
Assign selected skin color to the form
Save selected text color of skin
Restore skin selected text color

Make Public Sub for Loading Skin Settings :
Create a public module to restore skin settings
Make public color changer sub
Use the public color changer Sub
Make public Sub for loading selected Skin Theme
Create a Sub for loading selected Skin color
Call the Sub to restore the selected skin color
Make a public Sub for loading selected skin text color
Test and fix the skin text color loader Sub

Add Skin Loader Sub to Main Form :
Add Skin Loader Sub to Main Form
Test and fix the skin text color loader Sub in "Main Form"

Quick review of the VirtualBox Using :
What is Virtual Machine?
Download and install Oracle VirtualBox
Quick tour of VirtualBox environment
Add new Windows 7 virtual machine to VirtualBox
Working with the settings of Virtual Machine
Delete virtual machine and settings from VirtualBox
Preparing Installing Windows 7 64 bit in VirtualBox
Host key in virtual machine
Installing Windows 7 64 bit in VirtualBox
Quick working with Virtual machine and menus
Installing Guest addition in virtual Windows 7
Share folder between your windows and virtual windows
Tips and tricks of share folder problem
Drag and drop files to virtual windows
Share clipboard between our Windows and virtual machine
Make a backup copy of virtual machine
Tips and tricks before make a backup of virtual machine
Restore virtual machine from backup file

Publishing App to Users PC :
Finalizing project for publish and add Version info
Download and change the Application Icon
Which files needed for publishing?
Download .Net framework 4.5.1 to publish App
Start publishing App by installing .Net frame work 4.5.1
Publish and test Application in Users Windows 7
Publish and test Application in Users Windows 10

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