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Udemy Deep Learning : Computer Vision Beginner to Advanced Pytorch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome Aboard :
Why PyTorch is Powerful

Introduction :
Getting System Ready
Create Tensors in Pytorch
Tensor Slicing and Reshape
Mathematical Operations on Tensors
Numpy in Pytorch
What is CUDA
Pytorch on GPU
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Assignment on Pytorch Basics
8 questions

AutoGrad in Pytorch :
Autograd in Pytorch
Implementing Gradient Descent using Autograd
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Assignment on Autograd
1 question

Creating Deep Neural Networks in Pytorch :
Building first neural network
Writing Deep neural network
Writing Custom NN module
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Assignment on Deep Neural Networks
2 questions

CNN on Pytorch :
Data Loading - CIFAR10
Data Visualization
CNN Recap
First CNN
CNN Deep layers
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LeNet Architecture in Pytorch :
LeNet Overview
LeNet Model in Pytorch
Preparation & Evaluation
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Optional Learning- Python Basics :
Why Computer Programming Language
Why Python?
Getting System Ready - Installing Jup[yter Notebook
Jupyter Notebook - Tips & Tricks
What is Covered in this section
Variables in Python
Print Function
Numeric Data Type
String Data Type
Boolean Data Type
Type Conversion & Type Casting
Adding Comments in Python Programming Language
Data Structures in Python
Tuples & Sets in Python
Python Dictionaries
Conditional Statements in Python - if
Conditional Statements in Python - While
Inbuilt Functions in Python - range & input
For Loops
Functions in Python
Classes in Python

Mini Project with Python Basics :
Mini Project - Hangman
Writing a class
Mini Project - Continued
Logic Building
Logic for Single Letter input
Final Testing

Python for Data Science - Numpy :
Why Numpy?
Resize & Reshape of Arrays
Mathematical Operations & Functions in Numpy

Python for Data Science - Pandas :
Pandas Library
Pandas Dataframe
Pandas Dataframe - Load from External file
Working with null values
Slicing Pandas Dataframe

Python for DataScience - Matplotlib :
Matplotlib Introduction
Format the plot
Plot Formatting & Scatter Plot

Bonus - Access to Other courses :
Special Access - Bonus
Linear Algebra for Data Science
Deep Learning Calculus
Deep Learning from Scratch using Tensorflow - Keras
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