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Data Visualisation with Plotly and Python

Setting up your programming environment :
Installing Anaconda, Jupyter & Plotly
Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks
Downloading the course materials
Setting up a Plotly account and configuring your Plotly installation

Introduction to Python :
Download materials for Introduction to Python
Variables in Python
Variable Types - Numbers
Variable Types - Strings (1)
Variable Types - Strings (2)
Variable Types - Boolean
Variable Types - Lists (1)
Variable Types - Lists (2)
Variable Types - Dictionaries (1)
Variable Types - Dictionaries (2)
If-Else Statements
For Loops (1) - Looping through a range of values
For Loops (2) - Looping through the items in a sequence
For Loops (3) - Nested Loops
Functions (1) - Creating Functions
Functions (2) - Using Functions
Importing Modules
Introduction to Pandas (1) - Reading data into a DataFrame
Introduction to Pandas (2) - Useful DataFrame Functions
Introduction to Pandas (3) - Accessing and Creating Columns
Introduction to Pandas (4) - Changing the DataFrame
Introduction to Pandas (5) - Accessing and changing specific observations
Variables Types in Python
8 questions
Conditional programming in Python
5 questions
Working with the Pandas library
5 questions
Further resources for learning Python

Lineplots and Area Plots :
Download materials for Lineplots
Introduction to Lineplots in Plotly
Plotting different data
Plotting data from a Pandas DataFrame
Plotting multiple lines
Plotting multiple lines with a For loop
Changing line colour and thickness
Making dashed and dotted lines
Adding and changing marker symbols
Applying smoothing (1)
Applying smoothing (2) - stock market data
Stepwise line shapes
Creating an area plot
Creating a stacked area plot
Creating a stacked proportional area plot
Writing a function to create a stacked proportional area plot
Review of lineplots and areaplots
5 questions
Practise datasets for lineplots and area plots

Styling your charts :
Download materials for section Styling your charts
Changing the range
Setting the tick format
Modifying the tick labels
Creating and positioning custom tick values
Controlling hovertext on your chart
Creating custom hovertext
Applying custom hovertext
Practise (1)
Practise (2)
Styling your charts - review
6 questions
Practising your chart presentation skills

Scatterplots :
Download materials for Scatterplots
Scatterplots 1 - What is a scatterplot?
Scatterplots 2 - Making our first scatterplot
Scatterplots 3 - Styling the marker points
Scatterplots 4 - Plotting different categories on the same plot
Scatterplots 5 - Controlling traces and legend items
Scatterplots 6 - Fitting a regression line
Scatterplots 7 - Plotting and styling regression lines
Scatterplots 8 - Adding text to charts
Scatterplots 9 - Making bubbleplots
Scatterplots 10 - Recreating the Gapminder plot
Scatterplots 11 - Plotting multiple plots together
Scatterplots 12 - Making a scatterplot matrix
Scatterplots 13 - Styling our scatterplot matrix
Scatterplots 14 - Writing a function for a scatterplot matrix
Practise datasets for scatterplots and bubbleplots
Scatterplots - Review
5 questions

Styling your charts (2) :
Download materials for Styling your Charts 2
Styling the global font
Styling annotations, text, ticklabels and titles
Further styling of annotations
Positioning annotations outside of the chart
Changing the margins
Adding a source annotation
Different subplots options
Combining subplots grid spaces
Styling your charts - review
5 questions
Practising your chart presentation skills

Bar Charts :
Download materials for Bar Charts section
What is a bar chart?
Making our first bar chart
Styling options for a bar chart
Styling individual bars
Horizontal barcharts
Plotting multiple bar traces
Creating stacked bar charts
Stacked proportional bar charts
Plotting bar and line plots together
Barcharts - review
5 questions
Practise datasets for bar charts

Making our first dashboard :
Creating our first dashboard (1)
Creating out first dashboard (2)
Styling our first dashboard

Styling your charts (3) :
Download materials for Styling your Charts 3
Styling the legend
Changing the position of traces in the legend
Positioning the legend
Horizontal legends
Changing the background colour of a chart
Styling your charts - review
5 questions
Practise your chart presentation skills

Pie charts :
Download materials for Pie Charts
What is a pie chart?
Making our first pie chart
Styling a pie chart
Highlighting specific segments of a pie chart
Labels, text and hoverinfo
Text inside and outside the segments
Using pie charts in a subplots object
Sizing pie charts relative to each other
Making a donut chart
Pie charts - review
6 questions
Practise datasets for pie charts and donut charts

Tables :
Download materials for Tables section
Why use tables for data visualisation?
Making our first table
Adding an index column
Changing the colours in a table
Styling text in a table
Changing the row height
Adding hoverinfo
Combining tables and charts
Tables - review
3 questions
Practise datasets for tables

Dashboards :
Download materials for Dashboards section
UK Demographics Dashboard (1)
UK Demographics Dashboard 2
UK Demographics Dashboard 3
Crime in London Dashboard 1
Crime in London Dashboard 2
Crime in London Dashboard 3
Crime in London Dashboard 4
Crime in London Dashboard 5
Crime in London Dashboard 6
Football Hooligans Dashboard 1
Football Hooligans Dashboard 2
Football Hooligans Dashboard 3
Football Hooligans Dashboard 4
Football Hooligans Dashboard 5
Football Hooligans Dashboard 6
Football Hooligans dashboard 7
Football Hooligans Dashboard 8
Football Hooligans Dashboard 9
Practise creating a dashboard with these datasets