Udemy Data Science with Machine Learning Algorithm using Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Everything about Python used for Data Science and Machine Learning :
Why to join this course?
Introduction of Python and Python Libraries
Meet Trainer for this Course
Set Up - Python IDLE and Google Colab
Data Type and Variable, Keywords
How to take input?
How to produce output?
Introduction to List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set
String Operations
Operators in details
List Operations in details
Tuple Operations in details
Set Operations in details
Dictionary Operations in details
Data Type Conversion
Importance of Indentation
Random Number, Range Function
Sequential, Selection & Repetition -for, while, break, continue, if-elif else
Math Library
Datetime and Calendar Module
Create, Edit, Write, Read Text File
Exception Handling in Python
Collection Module
Python Queue
User Define Functions and inbuilt Function
Global and local Variables in Functions
Lambda, Map, Filter and Reduce Function
isinstance, Use of format, Timeit(), round(), Slice and abs()
Generator and Decorators
List Comprehension, Sets, Frozensets and Assertion
Python CSV file Operations
Zip Function
eval(),exec(),repr() function
Switch Case
Ternary Operator
Logging Module
Python Crash Course
Numpy Library Tutorial 1
Numpy Library Tutorial 2
Numpy Library Tutorial 3
Numpy Library Tutorial 4
Numpy Library Tutorial 5
Numpy Library Tutorial 6
Numpy Library Tutorial 7
Numpy Library Office Site
Scipy Tutorial 1
Scipy Tutorial 2
Pandas Library Tutorial 1
Pandas Library Tutorial 2
Pandas Library Tutorial 3
Pandas Library Tutorial 4
Pandas Library Tutorial 5
Pandas Library Tutorial 6
Pandas Library Tutorial 7
Pandas Library Tutorial 8
Pandas Library Tutorial 9
Matplotlib Library Tutorial 1
Matplotlib Library Tutorial 2
Matplotlib Library Tutorial 3
Matplotlib Library Tutorial 4
Matplotlib Library Tutorial 5
Seaborn Library Tutorial 1
Seaborn Library Tutorial 2
Seaborn Library Tutorial 3
Plotly Library Tutorial
How to choose the RIGHT Charts & Graph for your Data

Data Science Introduction :
Data Science Introduction

Data Science Example :
Case Study of Suicides in India 2001-2012
Case Study of Titanic
Case Study on Google Review using various different plot using Matplotlib

Machine Learning Introduction :
Training, Testing and Model Evaluation in Machine Learning
Supervise Learning made easy in Animation
Unsupervised Machine Learning
Reinforcement Learning
Confusion Matrix
Reasons to Learn Probability for Machine Learning
Dimension Reduction is Curse in Machine Learning

Steps to Start Project in Data Science :
Steps to Start Project in Data Science

Data Science with Machine Learning Algorithms :
Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
Support Vector Machines (SVM)
Support Vector Machines (SVM)
K Mean Algorithm
KNN Algorithm

Scikit Learn Library Tutorial :
Complete Guide to Scikit Learn Library with Case Study on Diabetes Dataset
Complete Guide to Scikit Learn Library with Case Study on Titanic Dataset

Natural Language Processing :
NLP Tutorial

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