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Data Science: Deep Learning in Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

What is a neural network? :
Introduction and Outline
Where does this course fit into your deep learning studies?
Deep Learning Readiness Test
Neural Networks with No Math
Introduction to the E-Commerce Course Project

Classifying more than 2 things at a time :
Prediction: Section Introduction and Outline
From Logistic Regression to Neural Networks
Interpreting the Weights of a Neural Network
Sigmoid vs. Softmax
Feedforward in Slow-Mo (part 1)
Feedforward in Slow-Mo (part 2)
Where to get the code for this course
Softmax in Code
Building an entire feedforward neural network in Python
E-Commerce Course Project: Pre-Processing the Data
E-Commerce Course Project: Making Predictions
Prediction Quizzes
Prediction: Section Summary

Training a neural network :
Training: Section Introduction and Outline
What do all these symbols and letters mean?
What does it mean to "train" a neural network?
Backpropagation Intro
Backpropagation - what does the weight update depend on?
Backpropagation - recursiveness
Backpropagation in code
The WRONG Way to Learn Backpropagation
E-Commerce Course Project: Training Logistic Regression with Softmax
E-Commerce Course Project: Training a Neural Network
Training Quiz
Training: Section Summary

Practical Machine Learning :
Practical Issues: Section Introduction and Outline
Donut and XOR Review
Donut and XOR Revisited
Common nonlinearities and their derivatives
Hyperparameters and Cross-Validation
Manually Choosing Learning Rate and Regularization Penalty
Practical Issues: Section Summary

TensorFlow, exercises, practice, and what to learn next :
TensorFlow plug-and-play example
Visualizing what a neural network has learned using TensorFlow Playground
Where to go from here
You know more than you think you know
How to get good at deep learning + exercises
Deep neural networks in just 3 lines of code with Sci-Kit Learn

Project: Facial Expression Recognition :
Facial Expression Recognition Problem Description
The class imbalance problem
Utilities walkthrough
Facial Expression Recognition in Code (Binary / Sigmoid)
Facial Expression Recognition in Code (Logistic Regression Softmax)
Facial Expression Recognition in Code (ANN Softmax)

Appendix :
Gradient Descent Tutorial
Help with Softmax Derivative
Backpropagation with Softmax Troubleshooting
How to install Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Pandas, IPython, Theano, and TensorFlow
How to Code by Yourself (part 1)
How to Code by Yourself (part 2)