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Data Science: Beginners Guide to the Command Line

Introduction to the Command Line :
What We Will Cover in the Section
Unix Vs. Linux
The Bash Shell & Alternative Shell Environments
Mechanics of the Unix Operating System
The Command Line for Data Scientists
Install the Anaconda Distribution of Python

Command Line Basics :
What We Will Cover in This Section
Quick Guide to the macOS Graphical User Interface
The ls Command
The Unix File System Structure
Proper Naming Convention
The mkdir Command
The touch Command
The rm, rm -r, & rmdir Commands
First Challenge!
The history Command
The cp Command

Command Line Advanced Topics :
What We Will Cover in the Section
File Types
The grep Command
The echo Command
The wildcard Commands
Second Challenge!

Data Science From the Command Line :
What We Will Cover in the Section
Pip & Conda Install
Ipython & Ipython Magic
A-Z Data Science Workflow
Final Challenge