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Udemy Data Mining Fundamentals For Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Setup :
What is Data Mining
Overview of Softwares Involved
Installing R and R-Studio
Installing Rapid Miner
Installing Python and Jupyter Notebooks

Data Mining Standard Processes & Models :
KDD - Knowledge Discovery in Databases
A Review of Processes
TDSP - Team Data Science Process

How to Use the Software :
Overview of R Studio
Overview of Jupyter Notebooks
Rapid Miner Overview

Data Reduction :
What is Data Reduction
Data Reduction in R
Data Reduction in Python
4.4 - Data Reduction in RapidMiner

Clustering :
What is Clustering
Clustering in R
Clustering in Python
Clustering in RapidMiner

Classification :
What is Classification
Classification In R
Classification in Python
Classification in RapidMiner

Anomaly Detection :
What is Anomaly Detection
Anomaly Detection in R
Anomaly Detection in Python
Anomaly Detection in RapidMiner

Association analysis :
Association Analysis
Association Analysis in R
Association Analysis in Python
Association Analysis in RapidMiner

Regression analysis :
What is Regression analysis
Regression analysis In R
Regression analysis in Python
Regression analysis in RapidMiner

Sequence Mining :
What is Sequence mining
Sequence mining In R
Sequence mining in Python
Sequence mining in RapidMiner
What is Text mining
Text mining In R
Text mining in Python
Text mining in RapidMiner