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Data Analytics Using Splunk – Beginner to Intermediate Course

Course Introduction :

Splunk Overview :
Welcome to this Section
What is Machine Data
What is Splunk
Different Components of Splunk
Use cases of splunk
Download and Install Splunk on Windows
Download and Install Splunk on Linux

Introduction to Splunk's User Interface :
Welcome to this Section
Developer License
Splunk 10 GB developer license
How to add License
Download Files
Getting Data In
Basic Navigation
User Settings
Search and Reporting App

Basic Searches and filters in Search Results :
Welcome to this Section
Basic Searches in Splunk
Wildcard and Search Assistant in Splunk Search
How to control a Search
Timeline in search result
Investigate search results
Modifying a search by using search result
Fast Vs Smart Vs Verbose Mode in a Search
What are Fields ?
How to use fields in Splunk Searches
17 questions

Searching and Reporting with Splunk :
Welcome to this Section
Basic Searches and General Search Practice
Search Pipeline
Time range- earliest and latest
Basic Search Commands
Demo - Basic Search Commands
Transforming Commands
Demo - Transforming Commands
Transforming Commands 2 - Visualization, Data Structure Requirement
Transforming Commands 2 - Chart, Timechart, Trendline
Demo - Transforming Commands 2 - Chart, Timechart, Trendline
Manipulating and Filtering Commands
Demo - Manipulating and Filtering Commands
Addtotals Command
Addcoltotals command
Transaction in Splunk, transaction vs stats command
7 questions

Creating Splunk Knowledge Objects :
Welcome to this Section
About Fields
Fields : Field Extractions
Fields extraction: rex Command
Fields extraction: erex Command
erex command VS rex command
Fields : Field Transformations
Fields : Work Flow Actions
Fields : Field Alias
Fields : Calculated Fields
Lookup in Splunk
Tag in Splunk
Eventtypes in Splunk
Scheduled Reports and Alerts
Macros in Splunk
14 questions

Data model and Pivot :
Demo: Create Datamodel by using Apache Access log
Demo: Create Pivot report/dashboard by Error Codes
Demo: Pivot Editor
Demo: Pivoting purchases by geo location
Demo: Searches by using Datamodel Command
Datamodel acceleration
6 questions

Advanced Searching and Reporting :
Welcome to this Section
Subsearches and Join command
Statistical and Charting Functions
Evaluation functions
Inputlookup and outputlookup commands
Job Inspector
Stats VS eventstats command

Advanced Dashboards and Visualization :
Welcome to this Section
Introduction to Views
How to create a dashboard
How to create a form and edit a dashboard and form
How to edit XML code
How to create Maps
Chart color customization
How to use Tokens
Drilldown in Splunk
Postprocessing in Splunk
10 questions

Indexer, Search Head & Forwarder Connection :
What is Forwarder ?
Different types of forwarder
Forwarder, Indexer and Search head configuration in Web GUI
Forwarder Configuration with Configuration files
Setup AWS VMs
Demo: Search Head, Indexer and Forwarder Setup

Splunk App and Add-on :
Splunk App and Add-on
Demo - Splunk Apps And Add-on
Splunk App: install & delete
How to create an App in GUI
Splunk App Directory Structure
Download complaints file for App/dashboards
Add Data for App/Dashboards
Add Dashboards in an App
Add Navigation in an App
Demo: Develop "Web Analytics App"