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Dart and Flutter: The Complete Developer’s Guide

Let's Dive In! :
How to Get Help
Course Organization

A Dart Introduction :
Dart Overview
The Dartpad Editor
Our First Program
Pulling the Pieces Apart
Functions in Dart
Introduction to Types
Why Use Types?
String Interpolation
Object Oriented Programming in Dart
Creating Classes
Creating Class Instances
Constructor Functions
Review on Constructors
Completed Code

Staying on Target with Dart :
App Overview
OOP Design Flow
Adding Fields to Classes
Associated Methods
More Initialization with Constructors
For Loops
Adding Elements to Lists
More on Variable Initialization
Customizing Print Statements
ToString on Cards
Shuffling a List
Annotating Argument Types
Filtering Lists
Annotating Argument Types
Filtering Lists
Shorthand Function Syntax
Removing Individual Records
RemoveCard Implementation
Named Parameters

Flutter Environment Setup - MacOS :
Flutter Setup on MacOS
SDK Extraction
Editing the PATH Variable
XCode License
Generating Flutter Projects

MacOS Setup - Android :
Android Setup on MacOS
Android Dependencies
Android Project Setup
More Android Dependencies!
Android Emulator Creation
Flutter Startup
Finished Android Setup

MacOS Setup - iOS :
iOS on Mac Setup
XCode Setup
iOS Simulator Startup
App Startup

Flutter Setup on PC :
Flutter Install
More Flutter Installation
Android Install
Additional Dependencies
Generating a Project
Selecting an Image
Starting the Emulator
Finishing Android Setup

App Building Time! :
Code Editor Setup
What's Flutter About, Anyways?
App Overview
The Four Step Design Process
Import Statements
Creating Widgets
Displaying Content on Screen
Showing a Scaffold
Customizing the App Bar
Named Parameter Clarification
Required Parameters
Child Parameters
Displaying Icons
Adding Custom Widgets

State Design with Flutter Apps :
Stateless vs Stateful Widgets
The Build Method
Local Import Statements
Quick Breather and Review
Refactoring Stateless to Stateful
More Refactoring to Stateful Widgets

High-Level Dart :
Generics in Dart
Why Two Classes?

HTTP Requests with Flutter :
Photos API
Working with JSON
Casting JSON to Model Instances
Named Constructors
Adding an Image Model
Function References
The HTTP Package
Issuing HTTP Requests
Handling Dart Futures
Parsing Future Responses into a Model
Updating the AppState Widget
Building Lists of Widgets
Sending Images to the ImageList
The Final Keyword
Building Lists with ListView
Listing URL's
Text to Images
Containers for Positioning
Adding Border Style
Column Widgets for Layout
Selective Padding
App Review

Forms and Validation with Flutter :
App Overview
Boilerplate App Code
Creating the Login Screen
More Container Styling
Labels and Hint Text
Customizing Keyboard Type
Handling Password Inputs
Displaying Buttons with RaisedButton
Changing Widget Colors
Layout Control
Form Validation
Referencing Widgets with Global Keys
The Form Widget and FormState
Creating a Global Key
Referencing FormState with Global Keys
Validating via FormState
Triggering Validation
Retrieving Form Values
Final Form Submittal
Code Reuse with Mixins
Mixin Validator Implementation

Reactive Programming with Dart :
A Quick Detour
Streams by Analogy
Characteristics of Streams
StreamControllers and Sinks
Mapping a Stream
Adding a StreamTransformer
Implementing the Listener
Stream Review
Let's Build a Game
Why Streams?
Word Guessing
Stream's 'Take' and 'Where' Functions
Validation with Streams
Email Validation
Wiring up the Error

Advanced Flutter Architecture - The Bloc Pattern :
BLOC's vs Stateful Widgets
The Purpose of Streams with Blocs
Generating a New Project
App Boilerplate
Second Time on LoginScreen
TextFields with RaisedButtons
How to Use TextFields
BLOC Design for TextFields
Annotating Stream Types
Issues with Bloc Access
Shortcut Access with Getters
Public vs Private Fields
Improving the BLOC Api
Validation Transformers
A Technicality Around Mixins
Cleaning Up Controllers
Bloc Application

Consuming BLOC Data :
The StreamBuilder Widget
Streambuilder for Password Fields
Scoped Bloc Approach
Provider Implementation
The Provider's 'of' Function
The Provider's Constructor
The Provider in Action
Accessing the Bloc
Breather and Review
Enabling Form Submission
Stream Merging Possibilities

RxDart for Reactive Programming :
Introducing RxDart
More on RxDart
The CombineLatest Function
CombineLatest in Action
More on StreamBuilder
Interpreting Stream Values
Broadcast Streams
Disabled by Default
Replacing Controllers with Subjects
Review of BLOCs

Building Delightful Animations :
App Overview
Animation Library Classes
App Boilerplate
StatefulWidgets for Animations
Widget Structure
Displaying a Cat
The InitState Method
Declaring the TickerProvider
Tweens with Curves
Performance Savings with AnimatedBuilder
Nature of Animation
Starting the Animation
Watching for Taps with GestureDetector
Reversing Animation States
Building the Box
Layouts with the Stack Widget
Order of Drawing Widgets
Add Center Widget
Positioned Widgets
Expanding Stack Dimensions
Three Reasons for Strange Layouts
Positioned Constraints
Negative Offsets
Stack Clip Settings
Adjusting Tween Ranges
Adding Box Flaps
Rotating Widgets
Rotation by Radians
Changing Rotation Point
A Touch of Positioning
BoxAnimation Controller
Adding Animated Builders
Resetting Animations
Constraining Animation Range
Adding the Right Flap
Negative Rotation Values
Toggling Animation State
Animation Wrapup

Performant Data Fetching :
App Overview
Hacker News API
More API Challenges
API Performance Strategy
Creating the ItemModel Class
A Few More ItemModel Properties
API Provider Implementation
Fetching Individual Items

Testing with Flutter and Dart :
Testing with Dart
A Few Imports
Writing Expectations
Mocking HTTP Requests
Returning JSON
Testing FetchItem

Offline Data Storage :
SQLite DB Provider
Database Imports
Async Constructors
Creating a DB Connection
Creating Tables with SQLite
Adding Table Columns
Issuing Queries
Multiple Named Constructors
Massaging DB Return Maps
Turning Class Instances to Maps
Implementing the Repository
More on the Repository
Type Annotations
Casting Lists

Type Design :
More on the Repository
Abstract Classes
The Need for Abstract Classes
Why Abstract Classes?
More on Abstract Classes
Repository Interface Design
Defining the Source
Cache Definitions
Lists of Sources and Caches
Ultimate Reusability
Quick Gotcha
Another Quick Gotcha!
FetchTopIds Implementation

On Demand Widget Rendering :
App Setup
A Touch of Boilerplate
Data Fetching Concerns
Solution Outline
FutureBuilder in Action
The Stories Provider
Bloc Design
Exposing Bloc Getters
Wiring up the Stories Provider
Bloc Testing
Type Annotations Solve Problems
Circular Progress Indicator
Item Fetching Architecture
Giant Gotcha with StreamBuilder
Giant Gotcha Solution
Implementing ScanStreamTransformer
Finishing the ScanStreamTransformer
Adding the Items Controller
A Gotcha Around Streams? Impossible!
Single Transformer Application
The ListView Tile
StreamBuilder Setup
Wrapping Up the FutureBuilder
Double Gotcha!
Stream Subscriptions
Stream Subscription Fix
Additional Streams
A Laborious Refactor
Result of Refactor
Quick Debug Session
Resolving Database Conflicts
Building Story Tiles
Comments Icon
Applying Dividers with Height
Loading Container Stand-in
Building the Loading Container
Showing the Loading Container
Long-Lived Cache Values
Swipe to Refresh Indicator
Implementing a Refresh Widget
Clearing Database Tables
Communicating a Future to onRefresh

Navigation with Flutter :
Navigation in Flutter
Map Based Routing
OnGenerateRoute-Based Navigation
OnGenerateRoute Implementation
Navigating in Style!
A PageRoute for NewsDetail
A Scaffold in NewsDetail
Parsing Route Settings
The Comments Bloc Provider
Comments Bloc Design
More on Comments Bloc
Recursive Data Fetching
Quick Fix
Connecting the Comments Provider
Testing Recursive Fetching
Consuming the Item Map
Displaying the Story Title
Text Styling
Container Alignment
Building the Comments List
More Logic Extraction
The Comment Widget
Comment's FutureBuilder
Showing Individual COmments
Recursive Rendering
Styling the Comment List
Defaulting Null Values
Handling Deleted Comments
Nested Comments
ListTile's ContentPadding Property
Replacing Placeholder Characters
Loading Containers for Comments
App Wrapup
Last Fix!

Appendix One: Building Open Source with Dart :
Dart Local Installation
Dart Install on Mac
Editor Setup for Dart
App Overview
Folder and File Structure
The PubSpec File
Running Dart Files
Program Design Methodology
Class Creation
Terminal Design
Terminal Implementation
Stdout and Stdin
Import Statements
Stdout Instance
More on Import Statements
Testing the Import Class
Checking Operating System
Clearing Windows Terminal
Clearing Other Terminals
Testing ClearScreen
Collecting Input Over Stdin
Option Class FIelds
Adding Dynamic Fields
Printing Individual Options
Testing Option Printing
List Shortcomings
Maps in Dart
Refactor to Maps
The Prompter Class
Testing the Prompter
Extracting the Terminal
Var vs Final for Variables
Final's Affect on Values
Const's Dual Nature
Const's Behavior by Type
Marking Terminal as Const
Private Variables
Finishing Prompter
Error Handling
Asking Binary Questions
Testing Binary Inputs
Code Similarities
Refactor for Code Reuse
More on Private
Central Lib File
A Single Export Point
A Relevant Example File
Outstanding Project Config
Uploading the Prompter Lib

Appendix Two: Building a Dart CLI :
App Overview
Project Setup
Importing Library Code
Forcibly Exiting a Program
Prompting for File Type
Implementation Flow
Working with the Current Directory
Filtering Non-Files
Filtering Non-Images
Building Options from Images
Testing Image Selection
Converting Images
The ConvertImage Function
Reading File Contents
Encoding to JPG or PNG
Writing Files to the Hard Drive
Returning the Image Name
Testing Image Conversion
Opening the Image