Udemy Cybersecurity Basics: Securing your life in the digital age

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction - Getting Startaed
Exercise: Mapping out your personal digital hygiene goals

Mindset of Cybersecurity Professional :
Why is this course important?
How to think about risk?
Convenience vs Friction
Quiz 1
Classifying your data
Quiz 2
Exercise: Check if your email has been apart of a breach
Personal Risk Audit

Cyber Attacks :
Cyber Attack Trends
Walkthrough: Phishing
Quiz 3

Securing your Phone :
The Basics
Android vs iOS
Downloading Apps
Walkthrough: Steps to take when downloading an app
Location Services
Two Factor Authentication
Mobile Carrier Security
Quiz 4
Phishing attacks on your phone
Exercise: Enroll into the Do Not Call list (if you're in the US)
Quiz 5

Securing your computer :
The basics of securing your computer
Quiz 6
Protecting your home internet
Non-obvious basic essentials for securing your computer
Quiz 7

Password and Accounts :
Rules for creating passwords
Passphrases and Password Managers
Quiz 7
Security questions & Birthday for your accounts
Summary of Password Management

Surfing the Internet Securely :
Internet Browsers
Google, Search, and Cookies
Drive by downloads, HTTPs, and Internet Trackers
Quiz 8
Google Maps and Child Filters

Email :
Introduction - review cyber attacks
Creating your email
Quiz 8
Email activity

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