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Cyber Security Hands-on: Complete Network Security A-Z

Module 1: Network Fundamentals :
Video 1_Understanding Computer Networks
Video 2_OSI & TCP/IP Network Models
Video 3_Different Types of Networks
Video 4_Network Components
Lab1_Find MAC Address & how to Spoof it
Video 5_Networking Protocols in TCP/IP Protocol Stack (1)
Video 6_Networking Protocols in TCP/IP Protocol Stack (2)
Video 7_IP Addressing Concepts
Lab2_Find IP Addresses and Spoof Private IP Address Manually
Lab3_Spoof Public IP Address Manually

Module 2: Network Design Elements and Components :
Video 8_Network Design Elements and Components - Part 1
Video 9_Network Design Elements and Components - Part 2
Video 10_Network Design Elements and Components - Part 3
Video 11_Network Design Elements and Components - Part 4
Video 11_Network Design Elements and Components - Part 4

Module 3: Network Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks :
Video 12_Essential Terminologies
Video 13_Network Security Concerns
Video 14_Network Security Threats & Attacks
Video 15_Passive Network Attacks
Video 16_Active Network Attacks
Lab4_Create a Virus using JPS Virus Maker
Lab5_Create HTTP Trojan using HTTP RAT
Lab6_How to use Spytech SpyAgent for System Monitoring & Surveillance
Lab7_Use Keyloggers to Capture Key Logs
Lab8_Perform DoS Attack using LOIC
Lab9_Perform DoS Attack using HOIC
Lab10_HTTP Flooding using DoSHttp
Video 17_Password Based Attacks
Lab11_How Hackers/Attackers use Default Passwords
Lab12_Cracking/Auditing Windows Passwords using L0phtCrack
Video 18_Network Security Vulnerabilities
Lab13_How to use Account Lockout Policy in Windows

Module 4: Network Security Controls, Devices and Protocols :
Video 19_Elements of Network Security
Video 20_IAAA
Video 21_Cryptography
Lab14_Data Encryption & Decryption using Advanced Encryption Package
Lab15_Dump & Crack SAM Hashes
Lab16_Steganography using OpenStego
Video 22_Network Security Policies
Video 23_Network Security Devices & Other Technologies
Lab17_Configure TOR Web Browser for Proxy Network
Lab18_How to work with PRTG Protocol Analyzer

Module 5: Introduction to Intrusion Detection System :
Video 24_Introduction to Intrusion Detection System
Video 25_Network Intrusions & IDS
Video 26_How IDS Works & Components
Video 27_IDS Types
Video 28_IPS & its Technologies
Video 29_IDS-IPS Solutions
Lab19_Detecting Intrusions using SNORT

Module 6: Introduction to Firewalls :
Video 30_Firewalls and What it does?
Video 31_How Does a Firewall Work?
Lab20_Turn On or Off Windows Firewall
Lab21_Allow an App through Windows Firewall
Lab22_Create Inbound and Outbound Windows Firewall Rules
Video 32_Firewalls Generations & Types - Part 1
Video 33_Firewalls Generations & Types - Part 2
Video 34_Firewall Limitations
Video 35_Firewall Threats & Vulnerabilities
Video 36_Firewall Security Recommendations and Best Practices

Module 7: Introduction to Wireless Network Security :
Video 37_Introduction to Wireless Network Security
Video 38_Wireless Networks
Video 39_Wireless Network Standards
Video 40_Wi-Fi Threats & Vulnerabilities
Video 41_Wireless Network Security Standards
Video 42_Wireless Security Testing
Lab23_Cracking WPA/WPA2 Wireless Network using Aircrack-ng
Video 43_Wireless Secure Configuration and Network Isolation

Module 8: Sniffing and Spoofing :
Video 44_Sniffing Concepts
Video 45_Types of Sniffing
Video 46_Sniffing Network Traffic
Lab24_Sniffing Wireless Traffic using Omni Peek Network Analyzer
Lab25_Sniffing the Network using TCPDump
Lab26_Sniffing the Network using WinDump
Video 47_Packet hunting with Wireshark
Lab27_Sniffing Network Packets to capture User Credentials using Wireshark
Video 48_Spoofing Concepts

Module 9: Network Traffic Monitoring & Analysis :
Video 49_Network Traffic Monitoring
Video 50_Network Traffic Analysis
Lab28_Network Traffic Analysis using TCPDump
Lab29_Network Traffic Analysis using Wireshark

Module 10: Network Scanning :
Video 51_Network Scanning basics
Lab30_Creating Custom Packet using Colasoft Packet Builder
Video 52_Check for Live Systems by using Ping, Ping Sweep
Lab31_Check for Live Systems using Nmap
Video 53_Check for Open and Closed Ports using Nmap
Lab32_Check for Open and Closed Ports using Nmap
Video 54_Nmap Scan Techniques - Part 1
Video 55_Nmap Scan Techniques - Part 2
Lab33_Exploring various Network Scanning Techniques
Video 56_Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE)
Lab34_Work with Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE)
Video 57_Vulnerability Scanning
Lab35_Banner Grabbing using Nmap
Lab36_Network Vulnerability Scanning using NSAuditor