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Customer Experience Management Blueprint

Video Introducing this tutorial

Why Customer Experience Blueprint Is Key To your Business Success? :
Why companies are struggling with customer experience and how to solve it?
What business benefits can you receive through improving customer experiences?
What is Customer Experience Blueprint?
Facts and case studies on effects of customer experiences
Test your knowledge on the importance of Customer Experience
10 questions

How to Create a Customer Experience Blueprint? :
Learning to use the practical Customer Experience Blueprint tool
Applying Customer Experience Blueprint to a case example
Memory refresher questions on how to create a Customer Experience Blueprint
8 questions

Understanding Customer Wants & Needs & Expectations :
Optimizing your strategy by understanding customer wants vs. needs
Identifying customer wants throughout a customer journey
Identifying customer needs
Case example on identifying customer needs and template for your own business
What are customer expectations and why do they matter for you?
Applying customer expectation technique to your own business and a case example
Questions on understanding customer wants, needs and expectations
10 questions

Leveraging Customer Attitudes & Emotions & Psychology :
Use customer emotions as a leverage
What are customer emotions?
Identifying emotions in your customer experience
Fun quiz on customer emotions and attitudes
10 questions

Writing customer personas to engage employees :
Use customer personas to motivate employees to care about customers
Instructions and template for writing your own customer personas
Test your skills on writing customer personas
5 questions

Using Outcome Based Segmentation :
Challenging traditional customer segmentation techniques
Practical approach to customer-centric segmentation
Questions on using outcome based customer segmentation
8 questions

Involving customers in Customer Experience Blueprint Design :
Why should you involve customers in designing the blueprint?
Ensure your success in involving the customers through research
Mining unsolicited customer feedback
Using surveys for getting information from customers
Using interviews to get deeper insight from the customers
Ethnographic fields trips as method to understand customers better
Take 'em onboard quiz on involving customers in developing Customer Experience
10 questions

Take Action with Customer Experience Blueprint :
The complete template for customer experience blueprint
Take concrete action with Customer Experience Blueprint!
Test your knowledge on the complete version of the Customer Experience Blueprint
5 questions

All the files are available for a download here