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Udemy Cucumber with Java and Selenium: From Beginner to Expert 2020

Video Introducing this tutorial

Cucumber Introduction :
Introduction to Course
Introduction to TDD
Introduction to BDD
Automated Acceptance Test
Introduction to Cucumber Tool
How Cucumber Works
Introduction to Gherkin Language
List of Gherkin Keywords
Quiz - Cucumber Introduction
13 questions

Cucumber - Installation, Configuration & Execution :
Install Java on Windows Operation System
Set Java Environment Variable on Windows OS
Install Java on Mac Operating Systems
How to install Java on Ubuntu OS
Install Eclipse on Windows Operation System
Install Eclipse on Mac Operating Systems
Install Eclipse on Ubuntu Operating System
How to install Cucumber Plugin in Eclipse
Install Natural Plugin for BDD/ATDD Files
Create Cucumber Project with Eclipse and Maven
Jar Files or Maven Dependencies required for Cucumber Project
Practice and Reference Material

Cucumber with Selenium :
Introduction to Selenium
Selenium vs Cucumber
List of Selenium Locators
How to launch browser using Selenium with Cucumber

Cucumber - Frameworks :
Structure of Your Cucumber Project
Page Object Design Pattern with Selenium PageFactory
Quiz - Cucumber Framework
1 question

Cucumber - Scenario, Features & Step Definition :
Cucumber Features & Feature File
Rule Keyword
Cucumber Scenario
Write Feature file with multiple Scenarios
How to use And and But in Cucumber Scenario
Install Tidygherkin Plugin for Cucumber
Cucumber Steps & Step Definition
Comments in Cucumber Feature File
Creating a Feature file other than English
Duplicate and ambiguous Step Definition
Using Regular Expression in Step Definition
Using Optional Capture Groups
Using Optional Non-Capture Groups
Doc Strings
Quiz - Scenario, Features & Step Definition
5 questions

Cucumber - Execution of Project :
Execute Feature file using Cucumber Plugin
JUnit Test Runner Class
Cucumber Options
Cucumber Options: Glue and Feature
Cucumber Options: Strict
Cucumber 6 default to --strict mode
Cucumber Options: Monochrome
Cucumber Options: dryRun

Cucumber - Background, Annotation, Hooks & Tags :
Background in Cucumber
Cucumber Tags
ANDing and ORing Tags
Ignore or Skip Cucumber Test
Cucumber: Scenario Hooks
Cucumber: Step Hooks
Conditional or Tagged Hooks in Cucumber
Cucumber Tags Naming Convention and Utilizing Tags
Use Scenario Outline Examples for different Testing Types
Hooks Execution Order

Cucumber - Data Driven Testing :
Data Driven Testing in Cucumber
Sending Test Data in Steps using multiple arguments
Scenario Outline and Examples
Combining Scenarios, Background and Scenario Outlines
Combining Doc Strings and Scenario Outlines
Data Tables
Compare Data Table with any other type of table
Maps in Data Table
Quiz - Data Driven Testing
1 question

Cucumber - Reporting :
Cucumber Reporter Plugin
Pretty and Monochrome Mode Reporting
Cucumber Usage Report
Cucumber HTML Report
Cucumber JSON Report
Cucumber XML Report
Generate All Cucumber reports Together
Cucumber report generation using Extent Report Cucumber 4 Adapter
Cucumber report generation using Extent Report Cucumber 5 Adapter(Grass Shopper)
Cucumber report generation using Extent Report Cucumber 6 Adapter(Grass Shopper)
Add Screenshots to Extent Report using Cucumber Adapters

Cucumber - Command Line Setup & Execution :
Install Maven on Windows OS
Install Maven on Mac OS using Homebrew
Execute Cucumber Project from Command Prompt or Terminal using Maven
Overriding Cucumber Options from terminal

Integration of Cucumber with Github, Maven and Jenkins :
Install Git on Windows OS
Install Git on Mac OS
Install Jenkins on Windows OS
Install Jenkins on Mac OS
Setup Jenkins for Maven Project
Install Eclipse EGit Plugin
Share your new Eclipse Maven Project to Github
Import your Existing GitHub project to Eclipse
Jenkins: Getting source code from Git
Integrate your Cucumber project with Jenkins
Execute your Cucumber Smoke or Regression suite using Jenkins
Use Jenkins Cucumber Report Plugin for Report Generation

Cucumber Integration with TestNG :
Install Eclipse TestNG Plugin
TestNG vs JUnit

Cucumber Parallel Execution using Selenium Grid, Docker, GGR and Selenoid :
Introduction to Selenium Grid
Benefits and Limitations of Selenium Grid
Selenium Grid Architecture
Setting up Selenium Grid on MacOS
Troubleshooting Selenium Grid
Using Selenium Grid to Run Cucumber Test
Cucumber parallel execution using JUnit and Maven surefire plugins