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CSS3 Flexbox Course: Build 5 Real Flexible Layouts!

Getting Started! :
Welcome! & Know what's inside this course
Important Notes Before You Start!
First Download Exercise Files
Setting Up Tools

Let’s Get Started with Flexbox :
Introduction - CSS3 Flexbox
What is Flexbox?
Browser Support for Flexbox
Let's Setup Exercise Files
Your First Flexbox Layout!
Flexbox Properties Overview

Working on Flex Container :
Introduction - Flex Container
display: flex; VS display: inline-flex;
Main-axis & Cross-axis
Flex Direction
Reverse Flex Direction
Flex wrap
Reverse Flex wrap
The shorthand 'flex-flow' Property
Justify Content
Align Items
Align Content

Working on Flex Items :
Introduction - Flex Items
Align Self
Flex Grow
Flex Shrink
Flex Basis
The Shorthand 'flex' Property

Building Flexible Layouts Using Flexbox :
Introduction - Flexible Layouts
Vertical & Horizontal Centering
Responsive Image Grid
Equal Height Pricing Tables
Responsive Header
Flexible Cards

Conclusion :
Great You Did It!