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Cryptocurrency Investment Course 2019: Fund your Retirement!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to Cryptocurrency Trading! Here is what you will learn! :
Thank you for learning Cryptocurrencies with me! Here is what you will learn!
This will be your 'Go-to' site for everything about Cryptocurrency

Understanding Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin & Alt coins! :
What are Cryptocurrencies?
What is Bitcoin, and why do you need to know about it?
What is Ethereum (King of Alt Coins) and why is it No2 most valuable?
What are Alt coins?
MULTIPLIERS: Why you are here!
The HARSH RISKS of Cryptocurrency!
Fiat Vs Satoshi Prices of Cryptocurrencies
Coins Vs Tokens - What is the difference?
Millionaires have been made with these Crypto Coins!

Understanding 'Blockchain' - Why this Tech could replace banks! :
What is a Blockchain?
What is the SHA256 Algorithm and how does it secure Bitcoin?
How does Bitcoin Mining work?

Let's get started buying your first Cryptocurrency! :
All you need to get Set-up!
Getting Started: Buy Bitcoin with your normal currency (USD, GBP, EURO etc)
How to buy any of the 2100 Cryptocurrencies that exist right now
Sending your money to an exchange to buy Cryptocurrency
Buying your First Cryptocurrency!
Use your first coin for learning the industry!
Selling your First Cryptocurrency!

Researching Coins to Invest in! :
How to research potentially amazing coins!

Investment Systems - My 7 Criteria for Investing! :
Large, Mid and Micro Cap Coins - where to make the best gains!
My number 1 factor when Investing!
This is vital for the perfect execution of your Investment
This factor must be unique to make HUGE gains!
How to get regular profits from your Investment
How to calculate your potential for gains!
Getting more detail behind the token economics
Look for these additional bonuses from your Investment!
How to assess your project's long term capability!

What are the main buying strategies? :
The short-term strategy!
The Long term strategy!
Playing the Market!
How to react when your investment loses money!

Cashing out! :
Cashing your Profits out back into Fiat!

Investing in ICO's - Learn with this Practical Example! :
What is an ICO? These are potentially hot!
Why ICOs are DYNAMITE investments!
How ICOs make millionaires!
Proof ICOS can make small investors RICH!
Pre-Sales: How you can get the OPTIMUM price for Hot Cryptos
Why Private Sales can the most valuable?
How You can take part in Pre/Private Sales

Technical Analysis - Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading tactics! :
What is a Bear Market & Bull Market?
How to spot if a Cryptocurrency is about to Soar or Crash!
How to find out the Optimal Price of a coin!
How to analyse when to stay in a trade and get out of it!
How Candle Sticks tell you if your coin value will go up or down!
How to spot trends and predict future prices of a coin!

Profitable Types of Cryptocurrency! :
Blockchain / Infrastructure Coins and why they are valuable?
Privacy Coins and why valuable?
IoT Cryptocurrencies and why they are valuable
Currencies and why these are valuable?
DApp/Utility Coins and why these are important?

Blockchain Mining Methods (Advanced) :
Intro to Blockchain Governance & Mining!
Proof of Work Mining Explained!
Proof of Stake and why it is preferred!
Masternodes - why are they and why you may want one!
Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) and is it decentralised?
Other Proofs and what they mean?

Conclusion! :
Congratulations on completing this course! How to move forward with your journey

Archived lectures :
Simple Guide to What are Cryptocurrencies?
Why Cryptocurrencies are the hottest thing right now?
Why don't more people trade Cryptocurrency?
What is Bitcoin, and why do you need to know?
What are alternative coins?
Why Alternative coins are so incredible right now!
How do you get started buying Cryptocurrencies?
Setting up a Wallet on Coinbase to buy Cryptocurrencies online!
Transferring Bitcoin from Wallet to the Exchange!
There is more you can buy if you sign up with Bittrex!
Let's buy your first coin on Poloniex
How to sell your first coin on Poloniex!
How to buy your first coin on Bittrex!
How to sell your first coin on Bittrex!
Deciding your entry point
How to look at the viability of your coin?
What does the community look like?
What unique features does the Cryptocurrency have?
How do you cash out and what should you be aware of?
Important - Please read before continuing!
What are ICO's and why should you be involved?
How do I analyse the opportunity of an ICO?
How do you buy an ICO? (here's an example)
How do you find an ICO opportunity?
Congratulations! How to move forward...

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