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Cross-platform Desktop App Development for Windows Mac Linux

Introduction and welcome :
Introduction and welcome to the course
The reasons behind the technology that we will use
Are you ready to start building?
5 questions

First steps: Setup the environment on Windows and Mac :
The foundation: Installing Node on MacOS
The foundation: Installing Node on Windows
The text editor: Installing Atom on MacOS
The text editor: Installing Atom on Windows
Properly configuring Atom for cross-platform development
The required component: Installing Electron
Installing GIT on Windows
How to use the course resources

Building our first real cross-platform application :
Creating a Hello World simple application - The basics
Improving the Hello World Application
Saving the application as a template
Creating an application window
1 question

Understanding the app: Main process and Renderer process :
Main process app responsible
Renderer process working with your views
How to add code to the main process
How to add code to the renderer process
Communication between processes

Using libraries and third party modules :
How to speed up development process
Seeing code changes live
Live reloading without forge
What is possible to do and what we will do
Using custom fonts in your application
Adding jQuery for fast DOM manipulation
Adding underscore
Resetting your styles to start from a clean state

Cross platform desktop app design :
Basics first: Things to consider when designing a cross-platform desktop app
The design of the Workout application we will build together
Directory structure proper setup
Creating the initial layout and style
App menu layout, structure and style
How to properly force an input type of value
Adding buttons to the app menu which will change dynamically
Creating the main application window
Adding information for the user

Cross platform desktop app functionality :
Validating user input
Adding functionality to application buttons
Timer initialization: TimerController
Preparing the workout timer
Updating the time properly
Working with the app functionality: Prepare, Work and Rest
Challenge: Building the global timer
Playing audio, sounds or music
Cross-platform desktop notifications
Creating desktop notifications
1 question

Desktop application advanced customization :
Desktop application keyboard shortcuts
App background and preventing the computer to sleep
Custom cross-platform application menu
Building custom menu coding challenge
1 question
Know when your app is in development
Challenge: Saving application state
How to properly debug local storage
Advanced developer extensions
Debugging the renderer process
Cross-platform desktop applications accessibility
Making sure your app behaves properly
4 questions

Cross-platform application distribution :
Changing the name of your application
Distribute to supported platforms
Building and packaging your application in Mac
Building and packaging your application in Windows
Building and packaging your application in Linux
Final touches: the application icon
Protecting your application code
Signing your applications for Mac distribution
Preparing your app for the Mac App Store
Signing your applications for Windows distribution
Preparing your app for the Microsoft Windows Store
Congratulations, thank you and next steps