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Create UberEats with Python/Django and Swift 3

What are we building? :
Workflows Architecture

Task 1: Setting up :
Download Resources

Task 2: [Python] - Get Started :
Initialize project
Creating Home Page
Django Dashboard
Adding Bootstrap

Task 3: [Python] - Authentication for Restaurant Owners :
Sign In & Sign Out
Registration Page
Registration Form
Registration Function

Task 4: [Python] - Heroku :
Setting Up
Configuration of static resources on Heroku
Configuration of Database

Task 5: [Python] - Authentication with Facebook :
Create Facebook App
Setting up Facebook Oauth
Authenticate with Facebook token
Authenticate Customers & Drivers

Task 6: [Python] - Design Restaurant Dashboard :
General Site Structure
Advanced design for Restaurant
Advanced design for Sign In - Sign Up pages

Task 7: [Python] - Bootstrap :
Add Bootstrap to Sign In - Sign Up pages
Bootstrap Form
Bootstrap for Dashboard
Custom style for Dashboard

Task 8: [Python] - Restaurant Dashboard - Meals :
Restaurant Account Page
Restaurant Add Meal Page
Restaurant Add Meal function
Restaurant List Meals Page
Restaurant Edit Meals Page
Improve Side Menu

Task 9: [Python] - Restaurant Dashboard - Orders :
Order Model
Restaurant Order Page
Restaurant Order Status

Task 10: [Python] - RESTful APIs :
About Restful API and Postman
Restful API for Restaurants
Fixing Logo link

Task 11: [Python] - APIs for Customers :
API Structure
Getting Meals
Creating Order
Order Notification
Getting the latest Order

Task 12: [Python] - APIs for Drivers :
API Structure
Getting Ready Orders
Picking up an Order
Getting the latest Order of Driver
Completing an Order
Getting Driver's revenue

Task 13: [Python] - Driver's location :
Updating Driver Model
Function to update Driver's location

Task 14: [Python] - Reports and Charts :
Report for Revenue
Report for Top Meals
Report for Top Drivers

Task 15: [Python] - Stripe :
Create Stripe Account
Create Payment with
[Python] - Challenges
3 Challenges are waiting for you!

Task 16: [Swift] - Design App for Customers :
Creating your very first Xcode project
Design Login Layout
Create Side Menu Layout
Design Restaurant List Layout
Create Class for Restaurant View Controller
Design Meal List Layout
Design Meal Details Layout
Design Tray Layout
Create Class for Tray View Controller
Design Credit Card Layout
Design Order Layout
Create Class for Order View Controller

Task 17: [Swift] - Working with Facebook SDK :
Install Alamofire, SwiftJSON and Facebook SDK
Connection to Facebook
Getting Facebook User Data
Logging out from Facebook

Task 18: [Swift] - Connect to Server via API :
Create API Manager
Create Login and Logout API
Testing Login and Logout functions with Server

Task 19: [Swift] - Working on Restaurants List :
Create API to get List of Restaurants
Create Restaurant Model
Create Restaurant View Cell
Create Search Bar function
Create Activity Indicator for Restaurants List

Task 20: [Swift] - Working on Meal List :
Create API to get List of Meals
Create Meal Model and Meal View Cell
Create Meal List View Controller
Create Activity Indicator for Meals List

Task 21: [Swift] - Working on Meal Details :
Displaying data on Meal Details
Add functions to buttons
Business Logic for Tray Items

Task 22: [Swift] - Working on Tray View :
General logic to display Tray View
Displaying Meals on Tray
Showing Location on Map
Transform an address to a Pin on Map

Task 23: [Swift] - Working on Payment and Order View :
Create API to handle Orders and Payment
Add Business Logic to Payment Process
Display order details on Order View
Showing Locations of Restaurant and Customer on Map

Task 24: [Swift] - Design App for Drivers :
Design Side Menu and Orders List Layout
Add switching accounts function to Login View
Design Ready Orders Layout
Design Delivery Map Layout
Design Revenue Statistic Layout

Task 25: [Swift] - Working on Ready Orders View :
Create API to get List of ready Orders
Displaying data on Ready Orders View
Add function to pick up an order

Task 26: [Swift] - Working on Delivery Map View :
Showing Customer details on Driver's map
Showing Location of Restaurant and Customer on Map
Update Driver's location to server
Displaying Driver's location on Customer's Map
Customise Drop Pin on Map and Two Simulators
Completing an Order

Task 27: [Swift] - Working on Revenue Statistic View :
Install Charts and Create API for Driver's Revenue
Showing Chart of Driver's revenue
[Swift] - Challenges
3 Challenges are waiting for you!