Udemy Create the Best Discord Bot with Node.js

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

JavaScript Basics :
Quiz - JavaScript Basics

Get Started :
Install VSCode and NodeJS
Hello World
NPM Overview
Git Overview
Publish a Git Repository

Create a Dynamic Bot :
Add Command Handling
Dynamic Event Handling
Hide Private Data
Missing Lectures

Add Basic Dashboard :
Note About Basic Web Server
Basic Web Server
Add an Index Route
Intro to CSS
Separation of Concerns
Dynamic Rendering with PUG
Import PUG Files
Level Up Our Home Page
Finish the Home Page
Add Commands Page
Add Custom JavaScript
Sort Commands By Category
Search For Commands

Manage Servers via Dashboard :
OAuth2 Basics
Get Login Code
Update User
Add Basic Dashboard
Add Server Sidebar
Advance the Sidebar
Manage Sessions
Add Server Tabs
Edit Server
Finish Off

Advance the Dashboard :
Log Changes
Display Audit Log
Better Audit Log
Add Rate Limiting
Custom Themes
Guild Graphs

Music Player :
Music Player - Intro
Music API - Part 1
Music API - Part 2
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More Content Coming Soon! :
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