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Create Successful Apps Easily Without Programming

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Course Concepts :
Personal Presentation
Course Presentation
Concepts and Definitions
The Method
The Method: Making Profits
Course Guide

Presentation :
Who Is This Course Designed For?
Why Is This Course Different? How to Make Money Easily and Without Investment
How Is It Possible To Have As Much Or More Success Without Programming Than With
Why Apps?
Google Play or App Store?

Strategy :
Basic Principles: Scale Economy
How to Begin to Think Like a Developer
Establishing the Next Steps

Niches :
Types of Niches
How Many Niches Should I Work With?
Tools for Finding Niches
Finding Niches: Demonstration
Examples of Popular Niches

Organization and Planning :
Global Project Time Management
Time Management for a Specific Niche
Planning Example
Organizational Recommendations

Create Your Own Apps Without Knowing Programming or Design :
Other Platforms Similar to Appsmoment
Other Platforms Similar to Upwork
Other Possibilities
Which Method Should We Choose?

Create Your Own App With Appsmoment :
Open an Account on Appsmoment
Basic Functions of Appsmoment
What Do We Need To Create a Radio App? List:
Steps to Create a Radio App with Demonstration

Create Your Own App By Contracting a Developer :
Create Your Own App By Contracting a Developer
Examining Offers. Which Developer to Hire?
Team Management and How to Manage a Developer

Re-skinning :
Re-skinning: What is it?
Re-skinning: When to do it?
Copyright: Re-skinning Branded Apps

Monetization :
Create Your Own App By Contracting a Developer
Types of Monetization
How to Use Appsmoment for Advertising
In-app Purchases
Pay for Download. Paid Applications.
Which Method to Choose?

ASO (App Store Optimization). Publishing an App. :
What is ASO?
ASO Variables
Publishing an App on Google Play
Publishing an App on Google Play: Title, Subtitle, Description, Keywords
Publishing an App on Google Play: Logo, Screenshot, Category, and Video
Publishing an App on Google Play: Price, Distribution, and Translations
ASO Tools

Marketing :
Marketing: Is It Important?
CPI Campaigns. Pay for Installation.
Facebook Ads
Twitter Ads
Other Marketing Methods

Results Analysis And Work Once an App Has Been Launched :
Tracking Results. Google Play Developer. User Services.
Tracking With App Annie and Admob.
Updating an App
Push Notifications
Market Revision

Conclusion :
Review and Extrapolating to Other Markets Such As iOS
Motivation and Effort. Organization. Teams.

Bonus :
Universal Application Campaigns and Search Ads
Recipe Apps Development from Scratch