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Create modular game art for faster results with Inkscape!

What is modular design? :
First question: what is REAL modular design?
Is modular design for you? When to use it?
The steps of creating modular design elements for video games

Creating simple spaceships with modular design :
Planning and designing the spaceship moduls
Create more moduls and guns for the spaceships
Finishing the spaceships and assemble some variations

Design modular character game art in Inkscape :
Start to create a set of modular cartoon faces!
Create the mouth and eyebrow moduls
Finish the cartoon head game assets by adding some hairstyles

Design a tileset for a 2D topdown game with Inkscape :
Creating the blueprints and the first tiles!
Building more grass tiles and understand the design method more!
Draw the final grass tiles and assembling them
Designing the blueprint and first assets for the water tiles
Creating the final water tiles and assembling them
Planning and creating the road tiles
Finalize the road tiles
Creating individual tiles and assemble a game world map from our tile system!