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Create Apps in MATLAB with App Designer (Codes Included)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introductory notes and remarks :
Why take this course
Learning objective and style
My experience with matlab
A few notes before starting the course
Discounted coupons for our other MATLAB courses

Basics of AppDesigner :
The design view and code view
Briefing on available controls in App Designer
Alignment and arranging options
Spacing and resizing
Grid Lines

Tips and tricks for effective use of App Designer :
Error detection and correction mechanisms of app designer
Useful shortcuts -1
Useful shortcuts - 2
Dragging Components with Ctrl key

Coding GUI's :
Notes before starting to code - 1
Notes before starting the code -2
Simple addition program (Codes given)
Slider and graphs (Codes given)
label and text area
List boxes (Codes given)
Drop down menu (Codes given)
Radio buttons (Codes given)
State buttons and spinner
Working with different types of switches
Opening a file and displaying its contents (Codes given)
Working with Tables
Working of Tabs
Guages : a speedometer example
Knobs and discrete knobs

Advance techniques :
Passing values between two call back functions
Passing data between two GUI's
Adding a custom built private function
Adding a custom built public function
Including background images
Calling multiple apps from a script
Packaging your app

Sample projects with App Designer :
Sample project 1: Building a calculator (Part 1)
Sample Project 1: Building a calculator (Part 2)
Sample Project 2: Image Processing (Part 1)
Sample Project 2: Image Processing (Part 2)