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Create Animated Gif Advertising Banners in Photoshop CC

Course Introduction & Welcome :
Introduction & Welcome to the course
What you can expect from this Course - No Fluff or Filler
Take a a look at exactly what we will be creating on this course

Just before we get Started... :
What are animated banners, here's what they look like...
Important to know - Standard animated Gif banner sizes
Standard Animated Gif banner sizes - A reminder for you
The Banner sizes we will be working with on this course
Activating the tools and pallets that we will be using

Pre-Animation Preparation... :
Lets create our animate gif banner sizes
Position the banners stationery elements
Look, Photoshop has automatically placed our images as individual layers
Adding text to our banners...
Adding "Click Here" buttons to our banners
Our banners "stationary elements" are...
1 question

Ok, it's time to begin designing our Gif banners... :
Animation prep - Activating the all important animation tool bar
Creating the required frames
Activating the required layers frame-by-frame
Watch as I complete our other banner
Which sizes of animated Gif banners are the best to go with?
1 question

Finalising our animated Gif banners & saving them ready for the Web :
What ever you do, do not do this!
Saving the banners correctly for the web
What is the correct way to save images out for the web?
2 questions

Course Conclusion - been great but it's time to wrap things up :
Course Conclusion - been great but it's time to wrap things up